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Xiaomi watch evaluation: a new definition of smart watch wrist "smart phone" starting price 1299 yua

On November 5, Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi watch. Qu Heng, general manager of Xiaomi group's ecological chain department, said at the conference that most of the smart watches in the market are essentially 'large bracelets with watch appearance', while Xiaomi watch's performance configuration and appearance technology are flagship level, which can be called 'smart phones' on the wrist. Techweb also got the new product in the first time. Let's take a look at the performance of this watch in the actual experience.


We got this millet watch in elegant black color. The overall design adopts a 1.78-inch AMOLED square high clear screen, four curved glass mirrors, a simple and atmospheric design, and the black color matching looks stable and fashionable. The overall weight of the body is not very heavy, there is no sense of weight-bearing when wearing, but also there is no lack of advanced texture. The square dial screen can display more information than the circular screen with the same diameter, and the practicability is good.

On the screen specification, Xiaomi watch uses a 1.78-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 368x448 and a PPI of 326. It has a retinal level fine display effect. The four curved glass screen design makes the frameless visual effect better. The screen panel is made of Corning gorilla 3-generation glass, and the exclusive version uses sapphire glass. The wear resistance of both watches is very good. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi watch also uses the floating screen for the first time, which looks more colorful and three-dimensional in the visual experience.

There are not many complicated designs around the body. The middle frame is made of aluminum alloy frosted material, which can create a sense of delicacy and prevent the body from becoming a 'fingerprint collector'. From this point of view, we can see that Xiaomi watch is not light and thin, with a body thickness of 12.3mm. However, in use, the feeling of thickness is not very obvious, nor is the visual feeling obvious, which is acceptable.

On the right side of Xiaomi watch body, there is only a crown with a solid key, which is mainly used for returning, bright screen, switching app interface and other operations. The crown can also slide up and down, adjust the volume, and quickly browse the screen interface.

The other side of the watch is equipped with an independent speaker. The sound effect is good when playing music, prompt sound and using Xiaoai classmates.

The back cover of Xiaomi watch is made of ceramic material. Compared with metal or plastic, it can fit the skin better and won't be easily corroded by sweat and rain. The back of Xiaomi watch is also equipped with the third generation HRM heart rate sensor, which can accurately identify heart rate changes.

The strap of Xiaomi watch is made of fluororubber, which is sweat proof and waterproof. It is soft and comfortable to wear. The band of Xiaomi watch has 12 openings, which can be easily worn by men or women, users with thick or thin wrists.


In terms of performance, both the ordinary and noble versions of Xiaomi watch use Qualcomm snapdragon 3100 4G, and the storage configuration is 1GB + 8GB, which is also the flagship processor of wearable devices, with excellent fluency. Meanwhile, it is equipped with linear motor and independent loudspeaker. Support Bluetooth headset direct connection, multi-function NFC, GPS satellite positioning. NFC, in particular, inherits Xiaomi's tradition, including 12 cities' bus cards, access cards, wallets and other functions.

In addition, Xiaomi watch provides more professional sports and health management. It has built-in six axis sensor, the third generation HRM heart rate sensor, and three satellite positioning systems, as well as compass and barometer. It can support ten professional sports modes, and monitor health data such as sleep, pressure value, heart rate and body energy detection in all aspects. In other words, in terms of sports health, it has all sports health functions of smart watches and bracelets on the market, and has been updated and upgraded.


It is the first time to use the new MIUI for watch watch watch system from the original Google WebOS, but Xiaomi has made a deep optimization for the square smart watch, bringing a new way of full screen interaction on the wrist. At the same time, it is also an open watch ecosystem, with built-in dial market and application store, built-in 14 kinds of dial, in-depth adaptation of 40 + commonly used apps, and support Xiaoai voice operation, which can be linked with more than 1000 smart home devices.

In the use of adaptation software, we found that most of the software that we need to use in daily life, including WeChat, QQ music, Himalaya, maps, keep, Alipay and so on, run very smoothly, and software adaption is very good. Founder's icon design, just like the icon display of Xiaomi system, is very simple and clear, and can not see too many traces of WebOS.

In the wechat that we are concerned about, after the mobile terminal logs in, the watch terminal can log in directly and reply to voice or text. Although there is a certain delay in the voice to text conversion, it is still OK to use it. It is very convenient to reply when we can't get rid of it.

The ESIM mode of Xiaomi watch allows the watch to communicate independently, and it can directly apply for the virtual cards of three operators on the mobile terminal. At present, three suppliers of mobile terminal have access to guide users to open directly, but they still need to switch or install the app of corresponding operators, and China Telecom still does not accept the application, and the other two can only be handled in some provinces and cities.


Under the daily use mode of fully open heart rate and other functions, half an hour of exercise, receiving push and occasionally listening to music and returning several wechat messages, the endurance of Xiaomi watch is about one and a half days. Compared with smart watches with similar functions on the market, this endurance is a long time. For a smart watch, its endurance must not be comparable to that of a bracelet. More functions, processors, sensors, etc. are very power consuming. If you want to reach the effect of Bracelet endurance users are still not recommended to wear. Of course, when you don't need to use other functions, you can also turn on the power saving mode, and the endurance will be greatly increased.


In terms of price, the starting price of Xiaomi watch is 1299 yuan, which is very cost-effective for similar smart watches on the market at present. Whether it's software adaptation or hardware configuration, it's a very conscience. Although the appearance is a little thick, it is comfortable to wear. This watch is more suitable for: users with more needs than bracelets; users who want to use the smart watch as an extension of mobile phones and can work independently. At present, the reservation has been started, and the final payment will be paid from 0 o'clock on November 11. Users who are interested should make the reservation as soon as possible.