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Tianjin's new policy encourages the introduction of a breeding pig to obtain a subsidy of 1000 yuan

Original title: subsidy of RMB 1000 for each pig in Tianjin new policy

How about raising pigs now? In fact, for farmers, they will always consider raising pigs, but now there is a shortage of pigs in the market, so the price of pigs is also rising rapidly, which is one of the reasons. However, Tianjin's new policy now encourages pig farming, which can be subsidized!

There will be subsidies for pig raising? What's the matter? At present, the news points out that Tianjin encourages pig raising. As long as you raise pigs, the policy will subsidize 1000 yuan for each pig. Do you think it's very good? Now the policy of pig raising is so good, will you choose to raise pigs?

Tianjin municipal government recently issued the implementation plan on stabilizing pig production, ensuring market supply and strengthening the prevention and control of swine fever in Africa, which proposed to support leading enterprises to innovate the operation mode of pig industry chain, promote the vertical integration development of pig breeding, feeding, feed and slaughter processing, and drive surrounding farms (households) to enter the industry chain. Strengthen docking cooperation with Beijing, Hebei and other surrounding provinces and cities, encourage and support large leading enterprises to build pig breeding and slaughtering processing bases in foreign ports, and sell pig products back to Tianjin.

In terms of financial support, the implementation plan will extend the implementation period of "Tianjin 2019 working plan of working capital loan discount for pig farms and large-scale pig farms" to December 31, 2020. A subsidy of 1000 yuan will be given to each introduced pig in the core breeding farm and new breeding farm, and the subsidy period will be from the date of policy release to the end of 2020.

From May 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020, the amount of insurance for breedable sows will be increased from 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan, and the amount of insurance for fattening pigs will be increased from 700 yuan to 800 yuan, further enhancing the risk resistance ability of local pig breeding.