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The true meaning of the king's glory Chang'e's hidden fighting method returning to the battlefield i

In the glory of the king, Chang'e is a hero that many players can't let go. The reason is not only because of her lovely image, but also because she can quickly return to the battlefield without losing rhythm. What you don't know is that she has a space portal. Players who like to play wild Chang'e can pay attention to it.

We all know that Chang'e can easily achieve the speed of light to the battlefield by using the two exclusive skills of returning to the moon and running to the moon. Some partners will ask you to call this the speed of light. Can Nezha, who is running at a high speed, call it superluminal speed. This kind of slow speed can't be called the speed of light, but have you seen Chang'e's exclusive space portal.

If we want Chang'e to do this, we just need to stand on the side road near the wall and go back to the city. When Chang'e flies to the outside of the map, drag the direction key to cancel the running to the moon and Chang'e will immediately send it to the destination. It's not invincible. It's worth noting that this little skill can only be used on the side road and can't be used in the map The solid terrain of the system can achieve real unrestricted fold over transmission.

The more the starting point of returning to the city is, the lower the success rate of the wall which is far away from the side road. The limitation of this technique is very likely that only the single Chang'e can be used in the actual combat. But what we're going to tell you today is how to play wild Chang'e. Chang'e has a kind of natural magic. When she turns on the big brush mode, your brain will be filled with the sound of "Deng Deng Deng".

Chang'e needs to control the rhythm of the early stage and take advantage of her fast development to lead her teammates to dominate and invade the enemy's field. Remember, there are too many outstanding heroes in the field than Chang'e. if you can't give full play to the advantages of heroes and brush up the whole team's economy, you can't run. OK, that's all for this issue.