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Will you take your mother on a trip on Mother's day? Which countries are suitable for taking mother

It's mother's day soon. Do you think how to spend it with your mother? At this time, you may as well take your mother to travel! Many people's mothers may seldom go out for tourism. In the past, living conditions were not allowed or traffic was relatively backward. Now it's better to take their mothers abroad for tourism! So, which countries are suitable for traveling abroad with mom on Mother's day?

Mother's Day travel with mother


Thailand's magnificent temples, strong religious customs, clean sand beaches or exotic historical culture all add its own unique charm to Thailand. The friendly and comfortable Thai smile and meticulous warm service of local people will give tourists a warm sense of belonging; Delicious and rich Thai snacks, creative and natural desserts and rich seafood with beautiful price are also the reasons for tourists to linger; Good quality and cheap souvenirs, low-key luxury Tess, fashionable retro clothing design, make shopping in Thailand full and fun... Thailand is a magic country, where everyone can find the most suitable colorful holiday.

Thailand's popular tourist cities include Chiang Mai and Pai County in the north, sunshine islands such as Samui and Phuket in the south, fashionable and modern capital Bangkok in the middle, big historical capital city and Pattaya known as "Oriental Hawaii".


Japan, an island country, is mainly composed of four big islands: Honshu Island, Hokkaido, Kyushu and four countries. There are many outlying islands and archipelagoes around. The largest is the island of Honshu. Among them, the Kanto area with Tokyo as the center and the Kansai area with Osaka and Kyoto as the center are the most popular tourist destinations in Japan at present.

There are also highly popular tourist areas, and Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan. The vast rural scenery and unique snow country scenery make it an indispensable station for Japanese travel. With the rise of Japanese tourism, Kyushu and the four countries in the southwest are gradually known by Chinese people. If you like the sea, Okinawa Islands south of Kyushu is a seaside resort for diving and whale watching.


Charming Metropolis London, historical and cultural city of York, bath, Canterbury, the location of famous schools in Cambridge and Oxford, Fenghua beautiful lake area, and fans crazy Manchester and Liverpool, these British signs are in England area. To the west of England is the Welsh area which still maintains its unique culture, and to the north is Scotland with the sound of bagpipes. Edinburgh, the birthplace of Harry Potter, has become the most popular tourist city in Britain with its magical architecture and bold Scottish customs. You can continue to visit Glasgow, the industrial metropolis in the north, Stirling, the place where the brave heart happened, or feel the wild and mysterious highlands of Scotland. Across the channel, to the most controversial area of Northern Ireland in Britain, although once shrouded in the shadow of war, today's Northern Ireland is a peaceful and friendly place. The famous road of the world natural heritage giant makes every traveler who sees it sigh for the magic of nature.


More than 20 scenic spots in France have been listed in the world cultural and natural heritage by the United Nations: the Seine riverside, Versailles, Fontainebleau, chamborg, etc., with Louvre and Notre Dame as the center. Paris is known as the "flower capital of the world". This beautiful city is not only the political, cultural and economic center of France, but also a famous tourist attraction. There are more than 70 museums, many places of interest and church squares in Paris, which are worth savoring. Wine is also a French business card. The three most famous producing areas are Bordeaux, Burgundy and champagne. Red and white wines are famous for their excellent Bordeaux and Bourgogne wines.