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Take stock of the hot tourist routes of May day self driving tour to let you enjoy the scenery of di

There are only two days left for May Day holiday this year. Do you have any idea where to go? No matter where you travel, you must make a good tourism strategy in advance, especially the route, and make arrangements in advance, otherwise you will encounter many problems when you arrive at the destination. For example, you need to figure out in advance which scenic spot you want to go to, book a hotel in advance, understand the local traffic, etc. So, do you know the hottest tourist route of May 1 this year? What's the best place for a self drive tour?

Xinjiang Ring Road

In May, Xinjiang, it's the time for flower chasers. There are thousands of different wild flowers on the Bank of Sayram Lake. In the area of Ili River Valley grassland, many unknown grasslands and valleys are beautiful, as well as lavender in Ili area.

Route: Urumqi - Gongnaisi Forest Farm - bayinbrook - Nalati Grassland - Xiata ancient road - Yining - Guozigou - Sayram Lake - Urumqi

Actas grassland, the sky is full of purple flowers. Many people know that Ili has a "gossip city", named tex, but they don't know that there is a grassland in the south of Tex - actas. This is a secret place that few people know. In May every year, there are lots of purple primroses. Where is the best place to go to Hainan on May 1? May 1st Hainan ring road starts

Hainan Ring Road

Hainan Island is a beautiful and colorful place. Many people come to Hainan directly to Sanya, Haikou. And Sanya has a lot to play with. Hainan is also the only province in China where there is no toll station for expressways.


A1: Haikou - (S11 Haiwen Expressway) - Wenchang 75KM

Attractions: FengXiaogang film commune + crater Park + Holiday Beach + century old arcade Street + wugongci Scenic Area

A2: Wenchang - (g223 Hainan Ring Expressway) - Wanning 128km

Attractions: Song's ancestral home + Tongguling Stone Park + Aerospace City + coconut forest in the eastern suburb + BLMA Resort

A3: Wanning - (g98 Hainan Ring Expressway) - Sanya 125km

Attractions: Shenzhou Peninsula + Nanwan Monkey Island + Qingshuiwan

B1: Haikou - (Haikou connecting line, East Ring Road Expressway) - Qionghai 95km

Attractions: Qionghai red Niangzi Army memorial park + Qionghai BAISHILING scenic spot + multi River Cultural Valley

B2: Qionghai - (Yinhai Road, Huandao East Expressway) - Wanning 63km

Attractions: Shimei Bay + Red artist performance of Wanning Xinglong Kang paradise + Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden + Wanning Dongshan mountain

B3: Wanning - (East Ring Expressway, Hainan Ring Expressway) - Lingshui - Sanya 182km

Scenic spot: jiejiezhou Island + Nanshan Temple + Wuzhizhou + Forest Park, May 1, where to go to Sichuan? A list of self driving tour routes in Western Sichuan Grassland

Grassland in Western Sichuan


Route: Chengdu Wenchuan Maoxian Heishui Hongyuan Huanglong Jiuzhaigou Chengdu

Hongyuan grassland, three grassland pastures in China, Hongyuan grassland

It is the largest grassland in Sichuan and one of the three grassland pastoral areas in China. It has the most beautiful wetland prairie and countless little-known scenery. Wait for you to come and uncover her mystery.

The most beautiful grassland flower sea, the 3000 mu flower sea of okuntang, is only 370 kilometers away from Chengdu. The flower sea is so large in scale and high in density that it is rare in plateau grassland area that it is called the most beautiful grassland flower sea by tourists. May 1 self driving tour around Taiwan

Route around Taiwan

Route: Taipei & rarr; Taichung & rarr; Nantou (Qingjing farm) & rarr; Kaohsiung & rarr; Kending seafood hall & rarr; Kending & rarr; Hualien & rarr; nine copies & rarr; Taipei.

Baodao Taiwan is located in the southeast of mainland China, across the Taiwan Strait from Fujian Province. The vast plain in the western part of Taiwan gathers the major cities of Taiwan, among which Taipei is the most prosperous. The high mountains in the central part of Taiwan cover a large area of the central and eastern part of Taiwan, and form many natural places to enjoy the mountains and the sea.

The long and narrow island of Taiwan straddles the tropics and subtropics, which makes Taiwan rich in natural resources and scenery. The natural geothermal hot springs in Taipei, the primitive forest vegetation in Alishan, the unique mountain and sea wonders of Hualien, and the fascinating tropical scenery in Kenting are all the first reasons for tourists to come to Taiwan.

Countless Taiwanese snacks and noisy food night markets are synonymous with Taiwan. Those traditional snacks full of sincerity are 'hidden' in the shops on the streets of Taiwan, waiting for you to come. The warm and kind Taiwanese show their strong human feelings and make your journey score again. There are various temples and worship activities all over the island, among which Mazu temple is the most popular. The Taiwanese belief in Mazu makes the local traditional culture continue and inherit well.