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May 1 where to go for Hangzhou tourism? The best route of three-day tour in Hangzhou

The old saying "there is paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom" is true. Hangzhou West Lake is really a very interesting place. Su Shi once said that "if the West Lake is better than the West Lake, it's always appropriate to wear light makeup and heavy makeup". It doesn't matter that the best season to visit the West Lake is when you come. So, where will Hangzhou travel on May 1st?

Day 1: Tour West Lake

The Key West Lake scenic spot is free of admission, but such as Leifeng Tower, Lingyin scenic spot (45 yuan) and Lingyin Temple (30 yuan), etc. There is a Xinfeng snack nearby that you can eat before you go for a walk.

You can choose a West Lake cruise ship. After all, the scenery you see on the water surface is totally different from walking. There are several ways for a West Lake cruise ship. Some of them only go to the island and don't go sightseeing. You need to consult before you buy a ticket.

There is a music fountain at 19:00 and 20:00 every day in the west lake night. It is recommended to plan the dinner time and route, and go to see the kind of "Hangzhou is the most memorable" that is OK and will not regret.

Leifeng Tower is rebuilt. As one of the few "ancient pagodas" that can take the elevator to the tower, Leifeng Pagoda is not the only lake viewing point. And if the holiday West Lake is hell, then the 18th floor must be the broken bridge and Leifeng Tower. So the student party with limited budget can consider whether to buy tickets to climb the tower. Leifeng Pagoda, as the finishing touch in the West Lake scenery, has the meaning of seeing far rather than playing. If you want to go to Leifeng Tower, you can simply buy a joint ticket with a cruise ship, which can save a lot of money, and you can board the three pools of Yinyue island in the West Lake by boat.

Tickets for Lingyin scenic spot (that is, flying to the peak) are 45 yuan, and tickets for Lingyin Temple are 30 yuan (also known as incense money), that is to say, tickets need to be purchased twice to enter Lingyin Temple. It's said that marriage here is very effective. Single dogs must not be upset with those 30. After entering Lingyin scenic area, you can first go up the mountain from the path beside the guide map at the gate, visit the nearby Qinglin cave, then return to the main road, and then visit along the main road. You can basically see most valuable landscapes. Feilai peak is not Feilai stone, and there is no special landscape at the peak. Lingyin Temple has a great reputation, and its architecture is also magnificent. Its hardware facilities are also well-known among the Han temples in China. But there is a strong commercial atmosphere, which basically exists as a scenic spot. You Lingyin Temple must see its five hundred arhat hall.

Day 2: Zhejiang University riverside Campus & rarr; Qiantangjiang & rarr; Hefang Street

The biggest reason to recommend Zhejiang University Zhijiang campus is: free! Hee hee, of course not. It's the natural landscape and the architecture of the Republic of China. It's a little white if I don't take some photos of Hangzhou, which are suitable for me. I need to pay attention to that I.D. card is required, and I can't ride a bicycle. I need to be ready to hang out.

From Zhejiang University, you can see Qiantang River. It doesn't need to spend a lot of time. If you have time, you can take a bus to see Qiantang River Bridge.

Take the bus from Qiantang River to Hefang Street, which is located in the old urban area of Hangzhou. The reconstructed Hefang Street shows the style of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. There are many shops here, such as Kong Fengchun powder shop, Dachang tobacco shop, etc; But it's not recommended to buy big and expensive things, such as tea and silk scarves. Those who don't know the goods should not start easily. You can just walk around and look at the buildings when you buy snacks.

The third day: Xixi National Wetland Park & rarr; song city scenic area of Hangzhou (Hangzhou Botanical Garden)

As long as yesterday's itinerary is well managed, it won't cost much. Today we have to pay some ticket money. Xixi wetland is a 5A level scenic spot close to the downtown of Hangzhou. The most famous one is if you are the one. Shu Qi and Fang CITIC took the scene here. Besides, April may is the time to see the flowers. Ticket 80, online ticket purchase will be much cheaper, so it must be mentioned Make a reservation!

After visiting the Wetland Park in the morning, you can take the bus directly to the theme park of Songcheng scenic area in Hangzhou. The vendors are all dressed in ancient costumes, which is more suitable for young people and children with fresh pictures to play. The park is worth appreciating large-scale musical plays, suitable for all ages. There are two in the afternoon. It is also recommended to book tickets online in advance, or the wallet.

But if you have decided to avoid Songcheng, you are recommended to go to Hangzhou Botanical Garden, which is mainly a natural landscape. The online ticket is only 9 yuan, and it's not a good idea to buy it without loss!