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How to play the one-day tour of the Forbidden City? The Forbidden City must punch

In recent years, the palace opera has always been popular, so the Palace Museum has become a must for many people to visit. With the broadcast of two fire ancient costume dramas, the Palace Museum and scenic spots full of ancient flavor began to flow into the public's sight. But think of the holiday spots as crowded. So when is the best time to go to the Forbidden City? The Forbidden City must play the scenic spot to take photos and punch in cards?

Choose the way to enter the Forbidden City

As a famous scenic spot, the Forbidden City is visited by almost every visitor to Beijing. At present, the Forbidden City must be viewed from the south to the north in a one-way way way. Most of the upstream visitors will choose Tian'anmen Gate, which is crowded. Then what's the fast way to enter the Forbidden City? Then Xiaobian will give you advice. First, please choose the Donghua gate! Then take the ferry or walk to the Meridian Gate and enter the Forbidden City after security check. This method can save 1 hour!

Choose the time to enter the Forbidden City

Bustling and bustling, it is basically every tourist's evaluation of the Forbidden City. So how can you feel the Royal solemnity and silence in the Forbidden City? Please choose the right time: from April 1 to October 31, the Forbidden City will stop entering at 16 o'clock, which means that after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, there will be no tour group entering the Forbidden City. After 4:30, there will be no one in the first three halls!

Choose the order to visit the Forbidden City

In addition to the normal exhibition of the Forbidden City, for example, the treasure hall and the clock hall located in the area of the six Eastern palaces, the sculpture Hall of the cining palace, the calligraphy and painting Museum and the classics Hall of the Wuying palace, the Forbidden City will hold various exhibitions and cultural exchange activities in various venues from time to time. The special recommendation of this issue is the high-tech interactive art performance "Qingming Riverside 3.0". In the exhibition of riverside 3.0 during the Qingming Festival, sun Yangdian's "immersive interactive" theater, which is frequently recommended by the audience, integrates the holographic image with the artistic performance, so that the audience can experience the social life of the prosperous northern Song Dynasty thousands of years ago in a new media interaction. The exhibition is very popular! You need to grab tickets at zero in advance on the official website of the Palace Museum! Make an appointment three days in advance!

The Forbidden City must see

In the Forbidden City, there are only a few tourists who have boarded the city wall to visit. That way, you can avoid the crowded flow of people and read the beauty of ancient buildings in detail. Walking and browsing on the wall, you can not only see Tiananmen Gate, the Great Hall of the people and the National Grand Theatre from the outside, but also clearly see the layout of the buildings near the palace from the inside. In addition, you can also see many exhibitions that can not be missed in the towering east-west wild goose wing building and turret of the Meridian Gate. It's not good to teach with pleasure and be relaxed!

When taking photos in the Forbidden City, you must go to the clock in point

There are a large number of special building components used for drainage in the three halls of the Forbidden City. These components are often designed to look like faucets, with a total of 1142. So when there is a rainstorm, you can see the spectacular scene of thousand dragons spitting water! Of course, you can also use the small area of water on the ground to take professional photos of the tall! The palace museum after snowing is even more beautiful! You can't miss it!