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Vietnam perfume is famous for Vietnam's most worthwhile perfume, you know?

Vietnam is also a relatively suitable country for foreign tourism, and the consumption level of Vietnam is not high. In fact, the consumption of traveling to Vietnam is lower than that of traveling in the first tier cities in China. So, what's the national language of Vietnam? At the same time, we also know that Vietnam's perfume is also more famous. What perfume do you want to buy in Vietnam?

What is the national language of Vietnam?

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese.

Vietnam is a multilingual and multi-ethnic country, with 54 officially recognized and announced ethnic groups. According to the census results published in 2010 by the General Bureau of statistics of Vietnam (T & (7893; ng C & (7909; C th & (7889; ng K & ecirc; 2010), the total population of the country is about 85.84 million.

Among them, 85.7% are the main ethnic group, and 14.3% are the other 53 ethnic groups. Jing people are Vietnamese in a narrow sense, and their mother tongue is Vietnamese (Vietnamese is called Ti & ා7871; ng VI & 񖓿7879; t). From the perspective of language classification, the number of ethnic groups in Vietnam is far more than 54.

Vietnamese is the national language of Vietnam, and 85-90% of Vietnamese use it as their mother tongue. In addition, the Jingzu, who live in 3 million overseas Vietnamese and Guangxi, China, also use Vietnamese. In history, Vietnamese used to use Chinese characters and mumbling words. In modern times, Chinese characters (CH & (7919; Qu & (7889; C ng & (7919) /? National language) based on Latin letters and added several new letters and tone symbols were used.

What are Vietnamese perfume?

Vietnam perfume has miss Xigong perfume, Miss Vietnam perfume, fairy perfume, Xigong perfume, Diane perfume, Marianne perfume, men's series has cold wind, jazz, Alex and so on.

The ladies' perfume series is usually made of the traditional Vietnamese dresses and the shape of the Vietnamese lady with a cone cap. It shows the beauty of this mysterious country in Vietnam with its delicate and elegant aroma and distinctive bottle shape.

Vietnam has a great source of perfume from France. Most of its perfume comes from Vietnam, and Vietnam produces lots of natural spices. Vietnamese perfume is not inferior to French perfume in terms of packaging, fragrance and variety. The main price is cheap!