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What are the most tourist countries in Europe? The first resort for poor travel in Europe

In recent years, it's not a rare thing to travel abroad, but most people only choose to go to Southeast Asia, and only a small number of people go to Europe. They always think that European tourism consumption is high and language is inconvenient. In fact, it's so difficult for us to travel to Europe. There are also countries with good cost performance in Europe. What are the cheapest countries in Europe?

The most tourist countries in Europe


Serbia has been rated as one of the 'top ten countries worth traveling'. There are many well preserved natural parks and nature reserves in this country. The ecology is well preserved. There are many beautiful scenic spots and cultural and historical sites. In addition to unique history, culture, art, architecture, etc., Serbia is also rich in natural scenery resources. Hot springs are also selvi Asia is a very important tourism resource.


Many people's influence on Belgium is that the chocolate here is very famous. However, in addition to chocolate, Belgium also has an unexpected wealth of tourism resources. Romantic ancient castle, magnificent church, gorgeous city hall, mottled streets and lanes are all beautiful in Belgium. Although the land area is not large, the unique tourist attractions are all over the country.


In many people's minds, Greece is a synonym for romance. The brilliant sunshine of the Aegean Sea, the dome houses with blue and white tones, the magnificent sea, the blue sky without sorrow, the dazzling flowers on the fence, and the ancient and mysterious myths all attract people. The White House, the blue sea, and the blue roof church are the hot spots for many new people to take wedding photos.


Malta is a country that many people haven't heard of, or even don't know about. It's a small country, but it has a very rich natural and cultural landscape. The climate here is pleasant, there are many entertainment projects, and the consumption level is low. Many Europeans come back here for holidays. If you want to go to Europe, you can choose this small country 。

So many countries in Europe can't all go to travel. You can choose several cost-effective destinations to make plans. The countries recommended above are the most worthy countries in Europe. Many netizens recommend them on the Internet.