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How much is the ticket to Wudang Mountain? How to get free tickets?

Wudang Mountain, also known as Taihe mountain, xielo mountain, Shenshang mountain and Xianshi mountain, is a holy land of Taoism in China. In ancient times, it was called "Taiyue", "xuanyue" and "Daxue". Located in Danjiangkou City, Shiyan City, northwest Hubei Province. To the East is Xiangyang City, to the west is Shiyan City, to the south is Shennongjia forest, to the north is Danjiangkou reservoir, Pinghu Lake, Gaoxia. So, how much is the ticket to Wudang Mountain? Who is Wudang Mountain suitable for tourism?

The entrance ticket of Wudang Mountain scenic spot is 130 yuan / person; the sightseeing ticket of Wudang Mountain scenic spot is 100 yuan / person; the ticket of Taihe Palace (Jinding) is 27 yuan / person; the ticket of Zixiao palace is 15 yuan / person; the ticket of cableway is up 90 yuan / person, down 80 yuan / person, and the ticket of cableway in off-season is 90 yuan / person.

Vocational and full-time college students studying in Colleges and universities in Shiyan City can enjoy the discount of free admission and half price ticket with their student card and ID card. Taoist staff (subject to the certificate issued by the Taoist Association of China) can enjoy the free entrance ticket to the mountain and buy the full price ticket. Tourists who come to Wudang Mountain scenic spot to stampede the line shall submit the plan of stampede to Wudang Mountain Special Zone Tourism Bureau 3 working days in advance. After confirmation and sending a letter, they can enjoy the admission tickets and free tickets (one of the following qualification certificates is required: travel agency manager qualification certificate, travel agency manager training post certificate, national tour guide qualification certificate, and the person confirmed by tourism authorities of Hubei province or Shiyan City Member's notice).

Journalists (with the press card issued by the State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television and passing the annual examination), members of China Photographers Association (with valid certificates), children under 12 years old (including 12 years old, with valid certificates), tour guides with tour guide certificates, and more than 30 incense leaders with pilgrims (with leader certificates) enjoy the admission tickets to the mountain and free tickets.

The elderly over 70 years old (including 70 years old) (with the original ID card), retired military cadres, active servicemen (with valid ID card, excluding reserve officer card and military driver's license), fire rescue personnel enjoy the free ticket discount of mountain entrance tickets and purchase full price car tickets; the disabled servicemen (with the 2014 version of new army disability card), the disabled (with the disability card and the body at the same time Enjoy free tickets and half price of tickets. For the blind, the disabled with both lower limbs and the disabled with severe mental and mental disabilities, one accompanying person is allowed to enjoy the free admission to the mountain and purchase the full price ticket.

From November 1 to January 31 of the next year, the activities of "tourism benefiting the people" month will be carried out

From November 1 to January 31 of the next year (except for golden weeks and small and long holidays such as' Spring Festival 'and' New Year's Day '), the activities of tourism benefiting people month are carried out. During the activities, the admission tickets to Wudang Mountain scenic spot are subject to half price discount (65 yuan / person), and full price tickets are required; the off-season tickets (90 yuan / person for a two-way trip) are available for cableway tickets.

The minors aged 12 (excluding 12) to 18 (excluding 18), the elderly aged over 60 (including 60) and under 70, the winners of the titles of labor model and moral model above the provincial level, with their valid certificates, enjoy the half price discount of the entrance tickets to the mountain and purchase the full price tickets. Domestic full-time college students (with the student card and ID card registered in the current year) enjoy half price discount of entrance tickets and tickets to the mountain.

The new method also increases the preferential policy of half price tickets and full price tickets for tourists coming to Wudang Mountain on the day of "China Tourism Day". Female tourists who come to Wudang Mountain on March 8, women's day, May 19, China tourism day, September 10, teacher's Day (with teacher's qualification certificate) enjoy half price discount of entrance tickets to Wudang Mountain and buy full price tickets.