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What are the 5A scenic spots in Shanghai? Who is Shanghai 5A suitable for tourism?

The "magic city" in Shanghai attracts thousands of tourists every year. As one of the top tier cities in China, it has always been the representative of the prosperous cities. It is sure to go to those popular scenic spots to punch in when going to magic city. So, what are the 5A scenic spots in Shanghai? Which one are you most looking forward to?

The Oriental Pearl

The landmark building in Shanghai is definitely coming to Shanghai. It is also a national 5A level scenic spot. Walking along the glass path of the oriental pearl tower top, looking at the night view of Shanghai through 360 degrees of glass without a dead angle. It's beautiful. If you rotate the restaurant in the 267 meter high air, you can enjoy the delicious food while enjoying the night view of the city.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

If you bring children, you must come to this place. You can experience all kinds of simulation projects, and also let children see many high-tech things. The museum includes five main pavilions, seven exhibition areas and four cinemas, including Tiandi hall, life hall, and wisdom hall. The museum is rich in natural knowledge and scientific and technological knowledge, and children participate in, feel and interact with each other The dynamic link is a good place for parent-child travel.

Shanghai Wildlife Park

There are too many kinds of animals in Shanghai Wildlife Park, and there are many rare animals, you can bring your children here, you can have close contact with animals around the world, you can also watch animal performances such as elephants, giraffes, flamingos, etc. in the recreation area, you can take Ferris wheel, pirate ship, bumper car, kart, and have fun with your children.

Now I know that there are several 5A scenic spots in Shanghai. There are three 5A scenic spots in total. When traveling, you can decide whether to go or not, according to your own preferences. But the Oriental Pearl is bound to go. After all, it is one of Shanghai's tourism business cards.