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How to marinate duck eggs quickly? It's quick and delicious to marinate duck eggs

Although the nutritional value of duck egg is relatively high, it may not taste as good as the salted duck egg. Many people will choose to pickle the duck eggs before eating. Those who can't pickle the duck eggs will buy the salted duck eggs. Now it can be said that salting duck eggs has become a more common way of daily consumption, few people will cook duck eggs alone. So how do we learn to make salted duck eggs? What are some quick ways to pickle duck eggs? Please see the sharing of Xiaobian!

Salted duck egg is also called salted duck egg. It's a common way to eat duck egg now. How to salted duck egg quickly? There are many ways to marinate duck eggs. The quick and common way is to marinate duck eggs with saturated salt water and white wine. Let's introduce them one by one.

Let's talk about the first method of salting duck eggs -- saturated salt water salting. We all know that salting duck eggs is inseparable from salt. Edible salt is an essential part of salting duck eggs. First of all, we prepare the materials, wash and dry the duck eggs. The amount of water and salt depends on the number of duck eggs. Then, boil the water and put it into salt. When the salt is saturated, it can be cooled. Then we can pour the cooled boiled salt water into a sealed jar, put the duck eggs into the jar one by one and soak them, and then seal them in a ventilated place, and then wait.

The second kind of pickling method -- liquor immersion pickling method. There is no significant difference between the method of white wine immersion and the method of saturated salt water. Before the duck eggs are immersed in salt water, they are first immersed in high white wine. Generally, they are soaked for about 20 seconds, and then the whole egg shell is completely wet. Then, roll each duck egg with refined salt, and then put it into a container for sealing. Pay attention to put it in a cool and dry vent. In order to make the salted duck egg more delicious, we can consider adding the grape sugar powder evenly in the salt container to make the duck egg more delicious!

All of the above methods about salting duck eggs are shared with you. You can try to make your own friends if you like!