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How to teach you to be a liquor agent

China is a country of wine culture, with a history of more than 5000 years. Chinese wine is mainly brewed from grain. Although wine is not a necessity of life, it is a tool of communication and entertainment in today's social life. Wine seems to have penetrated into all areas of social life.

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, white wine replaced yellow wine as the main drink. Liquor plays a very special role in people's life. Liquor is indispensable for all kinds of things, whether it's a good harvest or a wedding or a funeral. So liquor is very marketable.

If you want to be a good liquor agent, you have to know the characteristics and quality of liquor, because only when you really know him, you can better introduce and promote it. At present, there are five kinds of flavor types of Chinese liquor recognized by the state, one is Maotai flavor, and then make the fragrance and rice flavor, and finally other flavor types.

We also need to know the technology of producing liquor, because the flavor of liquor mainly depends on its production technology, fermentation, equipment and other conditions. For example, the rice flavor liquor was brewed by a special process of two kinds of flavor liquors with thick sauce only in April. The flavor liquor is produced by steaming and slagging technology and fermentation in VAT. Of course, there are other flavor liquor production process, you can go to read the information to learn more about it. After all, to know one's friends and the other's talents, a hundred battles are invincible.

Finally, as an agent, it's actually a profession of communicating with people. So if you want to be a liquor agent, first of all, your own image should be consistent with liquor. This of course does not mean how to drink white wine, but your understanding of white wine. We should keep our cheerful, inclusive and confident image. In this way, business can come to you.