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Will using electric blanket lead to infertility? How long does the electric blanket fit each time

It's very cold in winter. Especially when Xiaohan is coming, if there is no heating at home, some electronic heating equipment will be very necessary. Many friends will have electric blankets at home, which are really very easy to use, but some people say that frequent use of electric blankets will lead to infertility. Is that true?

Can electric blanket lead to infertility? Can it lead to hormone changes in the body, that is, endocrine problems? Both men and women will have a great impact. Try not to use electric blanket without it. Choose a healthy way to keep warm. Because the high temperature produced by the electric blanket will affect the ability of testis to produce sperm and the sperm activity is not high, the electromagnetic field produced by the electric blanket will have some adverse effects on the female endocrine system, so the newlyweds who want to give birth and give birth should not use it.

Electric blanket or electronic products, the best choice is to preheat in advance, do not always use, choose the right temperature, the best is a timely power failure. The electric blanket should not be in direct contact with the human body. You can lay a blanket or bed sheet on it. Do not use electric blanket on metal or hard objects with sharp protrusions.

It's the best to preheat the electric blanket for two hours, and there will be no problem with safety. Many people like the feeling of warmth, but the long-term use of the electric blanket will still lead to the lack of water on the body. First, turn the switch to the preheating position. After about half an hour, the temperature can reach about 25 ℃. Before going to sleep, turn the switch to the heat preservation gear. If you do not need to keep warm, turn the switch to the off gear. It is better not to use the preheating gear for more than 2H. If it is used for a long time, it is easy to damage the safety device of the electric blanket.

Many people like to use electric blankets. However, when the electric blankets are stored, we should pay attention not to fold them. We must insist on drinking water and try to reduce the direct contact of electronic products with the human body. When using the electric blanket, it should be noted that it can not be folded up, which is easy to cause short circuit and fire. People with allergic reactions should not use electric blanket; those who often use electric blanket must drink more water.