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Has wechat 7.0 Android officially pushed you to update

WeChat auto update! WeChat 7 Android version officially push, your WeChat automatically updated? Update friends feel? Do you regret updating to the new version of WeChat? Many netizens love to make complaints about the new interface after a new Tucao.

On December 30, the official version of wechat 7.0 Android was officially launched, bringing users a new interface design. However, some users found a problem after installing the new version of the app: some Liu Haiping mobile phones seem to have been 'shaved'.

It is reported that on the Nokia X6 mobile phone, no matter whether the user turns on the hidden bangs option or not, the content will be blocked at the top of the wechat interface.

Generally speaking, the hidden bangs of Android phones are all changed on the status bar at the top of the phone, such as adjusting the color, so that it can be integrated with the system and application interface to achieve 'invisibility'. However, according to the user's feedback, the new version of wechat may have some problems with the settings of some mobile phones.

In general, this issue will be corrected in subsequent updates. If you are using a Liu Haiping mobile phone and care about it, you can wait and see; if you don't encounter this problem, you can also exchange your experience in the comments.

The new wechat 7.0 has brought a new version of the interface, strong reminders for single chat settings, and the addition of the "time video" function, etc. If you are interested in the new edition, you can also find ways to get updates from reading the following articles.

In addition, on micro-blog, WeChat auto update was on the hot search list. Some Android users used the automatic update WeChat settings, resulting in a "feel up", WeChat interface changes larger, make complaints about, Tucao.