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How to deal with online tobacco certificate? A list of online tobacco certificates

From August 1, 2017, the online license system of tobacco monopoly retail license based on Zhejiang government service network was officially launched in Zhejiang Province! After the opening of the new tobacco certificate, expired extension, decoration and other businesses can be handled online! How to deal with online tobacco certificate? Online processing of tobacco certificate at a glance.

On August 1, Hangzhou district applied for the first tobacco certificate Online

Mr. Ying, who lives in the West Lake District, applied for the extension of the tobacco certificate on Zhejiang government service network on the same day after his friend circle learned that he could apply for the tobacco certificate online from August 1. When the tobacco staff called to inform him that the tobacco certificate had been completed and could be delivered by express delivery the next day, Mr. Ying said happily, "I didn't expect that it's so convenient to do the tobacco certification now. You can do it easily at home! '

The specific process is as follows:

1 --- log in to Zhejiang government affairs service network

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2 --- user login / registration

3 --- select business area

4 --- select administrative approval

5 --- select Tobacco Bureau -- application items

6 --- online application instructions

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7 --- declaration information

8 --- fill in basic information

9 --- upload application materials

10 --- submit application