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When does the golden glory S14 season start? Rule of segment succession in season S14

when is the start time of the season of King glory S14? King glory S14 season rank inheritance rules reward list, King glory S14 season will officially start next month. It can be said that S13 season is the longest season, so S14 season is the version of next year's Spring Festival at present, and the changes are also very big. Today, I'll give you a look at some changes of S14 season.

1. S14 season start time: it is estimated that there will be a winter champions league around January 18, and the final will be from the 12th to the 13th, so it should be updated after the winter champions league, that is, the week of the 18th.

2. Season skin: the season skin has not been known

3. Segment inheritance:

4. New hero and skin: at present, the heroes of S14 have pig Bajie, Yao and Chang'e in the exposure. The new skin should be a big wave of new year's skin, including the year of pig and sun Shangxiang's skin.

5. Change trend: from the current several changes of experience service, we can also see the official change trend of S14 season. You can also prepare in advance if you understand it

① Encourage soldiers to wear half meat

Improve the basic damage of the warrior's skills, reduce the ad bonus, control the 'one blade flow' method of the all output warrior, and make a distinction between the warrior and the assassin hero.

② Adjust the output curve of shooter's front and back

Lead time, late drop, the current version of Sagittarius weak early problem is obvious, and late output is completely overflow, other Sagittarius follow-up probably rate will also be adjusted in succession. In fact, it's hard to judge right and wrong, but at least I think it can improve the game experience of most players.

On the one hand, the shooter has been strengthened in the early stage, so teammates don't have to be so frightened and afraid that the shooter will become the opponent's' cash machine '. On the other hand, in the past two seasons, it is also the environment that forces the soldiers to turn to full output. Half of them can't bear the shooter who breaks the dawn. They can only put their all in one shot. Therefore, adjust the damage calculation method of the warrior to let the warrior walk half of the flesh out of the pack; then control the later damage of the shooter, so as not to let the latter half of the flesh warrior be instantaneously second. Let both sides have the space and leeway to deal with each other, instead of meeting each other, either the two sabres of a soldier can make a second shooter, or the two general attacks of a shooter can make a second soldier. In the coming season of S14, the era of mutual seconds may be slowly coming out of the stage, instead of a more control oriented version.