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Can umbilical cord round neck 2 weeks give birth smoothly? Is the cord around the neck likely to giv

The most common problem of umbilical cord around the neck is around the neck for two weeks. For this problem, pregnant mothers are most worried about whether they can have a normal birth. Umbilical cord around the neck will affect the baby's breathing and absorption of dietary effects, so we must pay attention to it.

Can two weeks around the neck of the umbilical cord give birth smoothly

Two weeks around the neck of the umbilical cord is likely to give birth, but which mode of delivery to choose depends on the specific situation.

If the cord around the neck is relaxed, it will not affect the blood circulation of the cord, and it will not endanger the fetus. As long as the cord is pulled separately, it will not affect the blood flow of the cord. Most of the fetuses do not show any abnormality, so it is no problem to have a normal birth.

However, if the cord around the neck is too tight, it may cause intrauterine distress or even stillbirth, stillbirth or neonatal asphyxia. At this time, we can only choose caesarean section.

Two weeks around the neck is very common. According to a study, in China, the incidence of umbilical cord wrapping around the neck of a baby is about 20% - 25%, of which the incidence of one week around the neck is 89%, while the incidence of two weeks around the neck is 11%. Therefore, it is very common to wrap the neck around the cord, which does not mean high-risk pregnancy.

However, it is necessary to be aware of the adverse effects of umbilical cord around the neck on perinatal infants. The incidence of perinatal diseases and mortality can be significantly increased in those with fetal heart rate deceleration before and during delivery. It can reduce the morbidity and mortality of perinatal infants with cord around the neck by strengthening prenatal and prenatal fetal monitoring and choosing the right delivery mode.

The umbilical cord around the neck belongs to a kind of umbilical cord winding, which refers to the umbilical cord around the fetal body, usually around the neck is the most common. Therefore, in addition to the neck of the fetus, twisting of the trunk and limbs may also occur. For the fetus with umbilical cord entanglement, the entanglement is usually 1-2 circles, and more than 3 circles are rare. There is another kind of incomplete neck wrapping, which is called umbilical cord.

Under normal circumstances, the length of the umbilical cord is about 50 cm, longer than 70 cm is too long, shorter than 30 cm is too short. The fetus is not honest in the mother's body. It rolls around in the uterus where the space is not very large. It is possible for the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck, trunk or hands and feet.

Sometimes, the entangled umbilical cord may be loosened before the birth of the mother; sometimes, if the fetus is clearly not entangled by the umbilical cord, it may also be entangled in the last few weeks. Therefore, it is not suitable to diagnose the cord around the neck too early. It is of no clinical significance to diagnose too early. It is necessary to monitor fetal movement during pregnancy.