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Can motorcycles go on high speed? What conditions need to be met for high speed on motorcycles

Can motorcycles go on high speed? Motorcycles are a kind of vehicles that many people like, but many people are curious. Will motorcycles be punished at high speed? According to the implementation regulations of China's road safety law, Article 44 stipulates that motorbikes should run on the right most lane. Therefore, motorcycles that meet the requirements can run at high speed.

However, many provinces in our country stipulate that motorcycles cannot drive to the expressway. Due to the failure of normal card issuing, the motorcyclists can only go on the expressway secretly. Once they are investigated and punished, they will face a fine of 20-200 yuan and a penalty of 3 points for driving license, and will be ordered to drive out of the expressway nearby.

At present, Beijing, Hebei, Anhui, Liaoning and other places can get the high-speed card, some parts of the province can also get the card, and some places, motorcycles do not get the card at high-speed, but they are not strong blocking, and the situation is different. Whether you can drive at high-speed or not depends on the local regulations of your area.

The following conditions must be met when the motorcycle is on the high speed. The E / D certificate shall be issued during the internship period. Unlike the D certificate, the motorcycle can be on the high speed when accompanied by an old driver. The motorcycle is not allowed to carry people on the high speed, so the motorcycle can not be on the high speed during the internship period. The displacement of motorcycle is more than 125cc. Driver's license is complete and safety helmet is worn. Take the most right lane, with vehicle speed no less than 60km / h and no more than 80km / h. If the above conditions are met and the motorcycle is allowed to run at high speed, the motorcycle can run at high speed!


The traffic law does not explicitly stipulate that motorcycles are not allowed to go on the high speed, but there are some provinces, some places or some expressways that specifically restrict motorcycles to go on the high speed. This is a special requirement made for the local road conditions and environment. In addition, generally, as long as the maximum design speed of motorcycles is not less than 70 kilometers per hour, licensed motorcycles have quasi high speed Right!

According to Article 67 of the road traffic safety law, pedestrians, non motor vehicles, tractors, wheeled special mechanical vehicles, articulated buses, full trailer trailers and other motor vehicles with a design maximum speed of less than 70 km / h are not allowed to enter the expressway.

As you can see, this traffic regulation does not clearly state that motorcycles are not allowed to go on high speed!

However, after all, motorcycles are light. When driving on high-speed kilometers, they are easily affected by the airflow of large-scale vehicles driving at high speed, resulting in the impact and swing of motorcycles by the airflow, which is very easy to cause accidents. Therefore, I would like to inform you that if you can get on high-speed, you are free, and safety is the most important!