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Can women play mobile phones during their confinement? About sitting on the moon

Now, most people are mobile phones that never leave their hands. Mobile phones have become an object that women can never leave their hands at present. Women are bored when they are sitting in the moon. Can women play mobile phones when they are sitting in the moon? Take stock of the things about sitting on the moon.

It has become a stage that Chinese women have to go through when they have a baby. It is usually extremely boring for a long or a short period of more than a month. At this time, many women in their children's period begin to play with mobile phones. Even before, there was a new report that postpartum depression occurs when they don't play with mobile phones for their mothers during the month. After all, during the month, they can play with mobile phones Play mobile? What should I pay attention to when playing mobile phones in the moon?

A lot of women are crazy that they can't play mobile phones in a month

Xiao Chen, a 26-year-old primipara mother, has been taking good care of her since her birth. My mother thinks that a woman should lie down quietly and raise her body when she is in confinement. She can't watch TV or play with her mobile phone, and confiscates her daughter's mobile phone. And Xiao Chen, who was willful since childhood, resisted with hunger strike, and a terrible idea came into her mind: women are tired of having children, and then look at their own daughters, she will have to go through the process of having children later. It's better to take her with her now. The whole person becomes very lazy, unwilling to comb their hair, unwilling to brush their teeth, and finally lazy to gargle 。

As we all know, Chinese women have to sit on the moon after giving birth to their children, usually for about 40 days. There is no other entertainment except for children during this period of time, too! No! Chat! Many postpartum mothers can't care much about the spicy food. Their cell phones are all patting, patting and basking in the sun. They care about him.

Can I play mobile phone while sitting in the moon?

The answer is yes! Playing mobile phone while sitting in the moon can kill time, entertain and play, which can promote the mood of pregnant mother after childbirth. Novice mothers can learn some knowledge of parenting through the Internet. They can shop online for necessary items during the period of confinement. They can watch dramas to spend their spare time. They can contact their family and friends. They can bask in the beautiful photos of their babies to find their sense of existence.

However, yuezi playing mobile phones is also dangerous!

Mobile phone is really a good thing for entertainment, but it has an impact on the body if you don't control your desire to play too much. For example, opponents and eyes have great disadvantages.

1. Easy to cause dry eye: when Baoma uses her mobile phone, she will keep her eyes open and blink less every minute. In addition, the brightness of the mobile phone screen is more dazzling after turning off the light, resulting in the uneven distribution of tear film on the eye surface. Too strong evaporation of tear will make the eye surface unable to lock water, and even cause the epithelial with barrier function on the cornea surface to fall off. This kind of situation exists for a long time, it will lead to the occurrence of 'dry eye' and affect the visual function.

2. The degree of myopia deepens: long-term attention to the mobile phone screen is easy to make Baoma eye tired and increase the degree of myopia.

3. Easy to get tenosynovitis: since Xiaobian changed Xiaomi max, the super large screen and overweight mobile phone, his hands are not sour after playing for less than half an hour. It is said that there have been patients with tenosynovitis caused by playing large screen mobile phones in the outpatient department of the hospital. It is suggested that pregnant women should choose the appropriate size of mobile phones and not blindly pursue large screens.