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Taobao can't buy freight insurance. What's the matter? Too many returns are blacklisted

Nowadays, for young people, many people like to shop online. If it's not suitable for return, it's very convenient. But some netizens say that they can't buy freight insurance. What's the matter? Why can't Taobao buy freight insurance?

Why can't Taobao buy freight insurance?

First of all, there is no blacklist. There are three main reasons why you can't buy freight insurance. Let's see what kind of insurance you belong to.

1. The nature of commodities leads to

Not all goods can buy freight insurance, such as virtual objects (phone charges, game recharging, film and television resources, etc.), large pieces of furniture, commodities participating in marketing activities such as package matching, etc., which do not support freight insurance for the time being.

2. Caused by the seller

After buying goods, if the seller chooses no need for logistics delivery (mostly in the same city transaction, or the buyer himself to pick up the goods), it will lead to the loss of the freight insurance, and the corresponding premium will be returned to the Alipay account in time.

3. Buyer's own reasons

It is likely that the buyer's recent return rate is too high, which affects the success rate of insurance. Generally, it will be evaluated according to your actual purchase situation in the next month. It is recommended that you place an order cautiously within this month and try not to buy more or return more. Even if the insurance is resumed after one month's re evaluation, you should also pay attention to controlling the number of returns.