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Can pregnant women use electric blankets in winter? Can electric blanket cause fetal deformity

in a twinkling of an eye, winter is coming. Many people are used to heating with electric blankets in winter. Electric blankets can bring warmth to people in cold winter. But for pregnant women, can they use electric blankets in winter? Will the use of electric blanket in winter affect the fetus?

Can pregnant women sleep on electric blankets

Can pregnant women sleep on electric blankets? Pregnant women's best not to use electric blankets! In the twinkling of an eye, winter is coming. Many people are used to using electric blankets to keep warm in winter, but during pregnancy, women can't use electric blankets. Sleeping on electric blankets all night may cause abortion.

Why can't pregnant women sleep on electric blankets? This is because electric blankets cling to pregnant women, and the continuous high temperature of electric blankets will deform the protein of embryos, which will pose a threat to the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, the abortion rate of women who use electric blankets in the first three months of pregnancy will be relatively high. It is also necessary to remind pregnant women that in order to ensure the healthy growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen, it is better not to use electric blanket for heating in winter. In winter, you can use warm air conditioner, electric heater or put hot water bag on your feet during sleep to warm up. These methods are relatively safe and healthy for pregnant women and fetus.

Do electric blankets affect pregnant women? Yes.

For heating in winter, electric blanket is indispensable. Although it is convenient to use, its harm cannot be underestimated. Electric blanket is not suitable for everyone. For example, pregnant women are not suitable to use electric blanket. Let's learn about the influence of electric blanket on pregnant women.

First of all, the radiation of electric blanket to human body is very large, which can cause nervous system disease, reproductive system disease, cardiovascular system disease, immune function, eye vision and other diseases. People who are often exposed to electromagnetic radiation are prone to leukemia and brain tumors.

Secondly, the electromagnetic field will also affect the cell division of the fetus in the abdomen. If the temperature of the pregnant woman is too high in the early stage of pregnancy, it may cause the brain cell death of the fetus and affect the development of the brain. If the electric blanket is used for a long time at night, it will lead to the abortion of the pregnant woman.

Moreover, long-term use of electric blanket will make capillary blood in the state of expansion, loss of water and salt in the body, and prone to dry mouth, sore throat and other symptoms.

The above is the adverse effect of using electric blanket. For the sake of the health of themselves and the fetus in the abdomen, expectant mothers during pregnancy should avoid using electric blanket for heating. In winter, heating can be done by using a heater or using a hot water bag to heat their hands and feet, which is convenient and safe!

Does the electric blanket affect the fetus

As soon as the weather is cold, many people are used to sleeping in electric blankets, especially for pregnant women. So does the pregnant woman sleep the electric blanket to have the influence to the fetus?

Yes, we have. Although the electric current of the electric blanket is small, because the pregnant woman's body clings to the electric blanket, when the temperature is too high, it will threaten the fetus in the abdomen. If it is the early pregnant woman, it will lead to abortion.

Although the fetus has been finalized, the electromagnetic field of the electric blanket has an impact on the development of the brain of the fetus. If the fetus sleeps the electric blanket for a long time, it may lead to the brain development of the fetus is not sound, the fetus is deformed or the fetus suffers from leukemia.

Therefore, pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the electric blanket during pregnancy. If there are special circumstances, when using the electric blanket, they should preheat for half an hour in advance, turn off the switch before going to bed, unplug the plug and use it again to avoid the impact on the fetus.

How to use electric blanket correctly

It's autumn and winter, but in some cities in the north, the weather is getting colder and colder, and electric blankets are becoming people's daily heating tools. Although electric blankets are widely used, not everyone knows how to use them correctly. Let's have a look!

First of all, before using the electric blanket, read the instructions in detail. It is better to ask experienced people to guide the installation. The electric blanket is more suitable for use on the hard board bed, not on the Simmons bed, the steel wire soft bed and the sofa bed. Because the electric hot wire is easy to deform or break when it stretches or twists after stress, it is easy to cause accidents.

Secondly, when using the electric blanket, it must be laid flat, placed between the quilt and the bed sheet, not under the cotton mattress, in order to prevent the slow heat transfer, causing the local temperature too high and causing fire.

Moreover, the electric blanket must not be folded. This is to avoid heat concentration, high temperature rise and local overheating. The use of electric blanket should not be folded every day, which will affect the tensile strength and zigzag performance of the electric hot wire, resulting in the breakage of the electric hot wire. Do not use the electric blanket in the fire pit, so as to avoid that the heat of other heating appliances will accelerate the aging of the insulation layer and shorten the service life of the electric blanket.

Finally, if the electric blanket is used for children and patients, it is necessary to prevent the short circuit of the electric hot line caused by children's urination and incontinence. If it is wet with water or urine, it should be dried in time, or it can be used after being dried by electricity. When using, someone must take care of it and pay attention to the proper temperature to avoid overheating and scalding.

Although the use of electric blanket is convenient, it is not suitable for everyone. Pregnant women and patients with heart disease should not use electric blanket.