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How to prevent frostbite in winter? It's important to keep warm

Chilblain is a common disease in winter, and it is very easy to relapse. As the saying goes, "annual chilblain, annual chilblain", so frostbite is particularly annoying! Especially when hot hands are itchy, it is really hard, so you must prepare in advance in winter to prevent frostbite in winter.

1. Keep warm

The growth of chilblain is usually caused by the cold weather. It is easy to grow chilblain when it is often exposed to the outside, or in the places where it is often squeezed. It is common in the hands, ears, feet, etc. if you want to prevent the growth of chilblain, you should pay attention to personal warmth preservation. Only when the temperature reaches a certain degree, chilblain will not grow again, and the possibility of recurrence will be smaller Never for the sake of style, not for the sake of temperature.

2. Rub often

If you want to prevent the growth of frostbite, you can often rub the frostbite loving position, for example, the hands love frostbite, so when you feel cold, you can rub your hands hard, and when your hands are warm, you can stop it, so rubbing can increase blood circulation, and also make your hands warm, so the possibility of frostbite growth will be less. In the same way, ears and feet love to grow frostbite and can also be rubbed.

3. Apply skin care products

If you want to prevent frostbite in winter, you can also prevent it by applying skin care products. Every time you are ready to go out, apply a little hand cream, especially for the frostbite that has grown before. In this way, it can play a certain protective role when you go out, and it can also prevent the skin from drying. Among them, vaseline and Longrich snake oil hand cream have better effect, which is often used by individuals.

4. Eat proper food to keep away cold

In winter, chilblain grows because the fire in human body is too weak, which causes the whole person to be in the cold. In the long run, chilblain will grow easily. In view of this situation, you can properly eat some cold dispelling food, such as mutton soup, dairy products, longan, etc., which can dispel the cold, but pay attention not to eat too much at one time, otherwise it will cause dry heat, and may cause nosebleed in serious cases.

5. Use some heating tools

If you like frostbite in winter, you can use some heating tools in advance. For example, if you have frostbite on your hands, you can use warm water bags; if you like frostbite on your ears, you can use ear protectors; if you like frostbite on your feet, you can wear snow boots, etc. if you use them a little in advance and keep the temperature enough, frostbite will not grow so easily. However, the hot water bag has been reported to be dangerous, so you must pay attention to safety when using it, and you must identify the regular manufacturers when purchasing it.

6, ginger juice

Ginger has a great effect. It can not only boil ginger soup to prevent colds, but also use ginger juice to prevent frostbite. People who often grow frostbite may as well try it. The method is very simple. It is to cut ginger into pieces, smash out ginger juice, and smear it on the place where frostbite is easy to grow, so as to prevent frostbite from growing again at this place. For the place where frostbite has already been born, it also has a certain therapeutic effect. Ginger itself is spicy, which can promote blood circulation of skin, and naturally prevent frostbite from growing.

7. Alternation of hot and cold water

If you want to prevent frostbite in winter, you can also use the method of alternating cold and hot water to prevent it. First soak it in cold water for a few minutes, then soak it in hot water for a few minutes. In this way, you can exercise the cold resistance of your hands and the contraction and expansion ability of your blood vessels. If you insist on it for a long time, you can prevent the growth of frostbite. Of course, we can't see it in a short time. Only by insisting can we see the effect.

8. Strengthen physical exercise

If you want to eliminate frostbite permanently, the best way is to strengthen physical exercise. Every exercise can make blood circulation bad, so frostbite will not grow again naturally. Frostbite is usually caused by cold and poor blood circulation, so physical exercise can naturally control the growth of frostbite. However, there is serious haze in winter. It is not recommended to do morning exercise outdoors in the morning. This is easy to cause respiratory diseases. Don't lose sight of one thing or another.