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What's the truth of the finale of sadness against the current? Grow up strong

"Sadness against the current into the river" is a hot topic once it is released. It's adapted from Guo Jingming's novel. Just listening to the name makes you feel very sad. Many netizens are very concerned about the truth of the ending of "sadness against the current into the river"? This movie is very inspirational! Admonish everyone to grow up on the road must be strong.

The novel is full of early love, abortion, corruption of state-owned enterprises, public prosecution Bureau and enterprises. However, the TV drama version has been changed to the commercial competition between private enterprises, and the film has weakened the later plot, which is very hot, but there are many things that need attention.

The story takes place in the hurt. The heroine Yi Yao is 17 years old. She is a real bad girl. Her parents are divorced, her father remarried, and Yi Yao lives with her mother. Every day, she has to face her mother's difficulties. The only sunshine in her life is her neighbor's sunshine learning bully Qi Ming.

Yi Yao and Qi Ming have been in love for Qi Ming for a long time. Yi Yao is accidentally pregnant with a bad teenager. He is accompanied by Qi Ming to have a baby. He is also discovered by Tang Xiaomi, the bully of Qi Ming School, who is often bullied.

Gu senxiang and Gu senxi are two brothers and sisters. They are transferred to Yiyao school. Gu senxiang and Qi Ming are together. Yiyao is hit and Gu senxi is together. Once Yi Yao casually forwarded a message sent to him by others.

Gu senxiang thought that he was looking for himself, ran to date alone, was insulted, cut his wrist and killed himself. Both Qi Ming and Gu senxi think that Yi Yao is intentional. Yi Yao jumps to prove his innocence. Qi Ming regrets that he killed himself by driving gas at home.

The film adapts the original novel, and the story line is quite different from the novel. Several of the protagonists are high school students. Yi Yao's secret love for school grass Qi Ming annoys Tang Xiaomi, a female school bully of the transferred students. Tang Xiaomi humiliates Yi Yao.

Gu senxi takes the initiative to lend a helping hand to encourage Yi Yao to fight against Tang Xiaomi. With everyone's encouragement, Yi Yao finally has the courage to face Tang Xiaomi and be brave. After some efforts, Yi Yao changed from an ugly duckling to a confident white swan.

Guo Jingming's work focuses on campus bullying, which is the work of Guo Jingming's transformation. Through this film, we hope that everyone can face up to the harm of campus bullying, know how to protect themselves and refuse the occurrence of bullying.