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How to judge whether there is moisture in the body? What are the symptoms of heavy moisture in the b

Heavy moisture in the body can easily affect a person's health, especially for women, face swelling and various gastrointestinal problems can easily occur, so it is an important guarantee to check whether there is moisture in the body at any time to ensure their health. So how to detect whether there is moisture in your body?

1. When eating, look at appetite

When it's time to eat, there's no feeling of hunger, and you don't want to eat anything. When you eat something, you feel bloated in your stomach. During the process of eating, you have a faint feeling of nausea, like eating something up by yourself?

Expert guidance: according to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen has the characteristics of "soil", which is easy to absorb water, so the moisture entering the body is most likely to hurt the spleen. Self check the function of spleen and stomach, you can find out if you have spleen dampness. The main function of the spleen is to digest and absorb all kinds of food and water we eat in the body, convert these substances into nutrients that can be used by the human body, and provide energy for cell metabolism. Most people suffer from loss of appetite and digestive function in hot and humid summer environment. But there are also some people whose appetite is not affected and who have a strong sense of hunger, but they will feel full immediately after eating. This is the expression of strong stomach and weak spleen, and also the symptom of spleen dampness.

2. When washing in the morning, look at the complexion and tongue coating

In the morning, the eyelid is swollen, or there is a lower pouch? When I look in the mirror, I find my tongue is thick and greasy, the tongue is fat and big, or there are obvious teeth marks on the edge of the tongue?

Expert guidance: to confirm whether the spleen is wet, the most accurate way is to look at the shape of the tongue. Healthy people can form the habit of observing their own tongue image regularly. By comparing some pictures of tongue diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine, we can find the clues of their own health problems. In summer, people with wet spleen often feel sticky and greasy in their mouth, dark and yellow in their face.

3. When entering the toilet, watch the stool

POOP is not formed? POOP is basically formed but soft, and there will always be some sticky on the toilet, which is difficult to wash down? There is always a feeling of endless poop discharge?

Expert guidance: to confirm whether the spleen is wet, one of the most convenient ways is to see the stool. Normal stool is a banana like strip with moderate hardness. And if the appearance of soft rotten, sticky stool is the expression of spleen dampness, which indicates that the body digestion function is abnormal. When the body is too wet, urination is often manifested as not much urine, or even a small amount of urine or urine is not happy. Some women have a lot of leucorrhea, which is also the manifestation of moisture.

4. Feel your body

Diet and rest are the same as the original, but the weight is obviously increased? The joints are stiff, the body aches when getting up? The lower extremity edema? Expert guidance: people with heavy moisture may also gain weight significantly in a short period of time, and show signs of plumpness, more serious people will have lower extremity edema and other problems.

5. Look at mental state at work

Do you have the feeling of chest tightness? You want to breathe for a long time before you feel comfortable? You feel heavy on your limbs or your body and even ache all over your body? Your body is particularly tired and lazy? Your joints are tight when you exercise, which seems to be inflexible? You have the feeling of drowsiness and unsmooth mind? You are prone to drowsiness and memory loss sometimes?

Expert guidance: the ancients said that the spleen and lung function are related and affected each other. To a certain extent, spleen qi deficiency, lung gold loss of nourishment, it is easy to appear short, less gas lazy speech, move, shortness of breath and other manifestations of lung qi deficiency.