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How to wear mask glasses easy to fog in winter? N more practical skills recommendation

The haze in winter is very serious, so for many people, it is necessary to wear masks when going out in winter. But for some students who wear glasses, is there a layer of white fog on the lenses when they don't take a few steps after wearing masks? Is this a very embarrassing situation? Today's editor will show you some good solutions?

Why is it foggy to wear mask glasses in winter?

In winter, the hot breath out of the mouth does not radiate from the mask when it is in a hurry, but comes up from the fitting part of the mask. When the hot gas meets the cold glasses, it fog. The solution is to choose anti fog glasses or masks with exhalation valve, which can solve this problem well.

How to wear glasses to get foggy in winter?

1. Put a layer of wet soap on the glasses, and then use the glasses cloth to clean the glasses, so as to speed up the speed of fog dissipation, which is also a better method.

2. Wear mask correctly

The medical mask is equipped with metal strip, which can be bent at will. When wearing a medical mask, put the end with the metal strip on the bridge of the nose, then bend the metal strip along the bridge of the nose, so that when you breathe, the exhaled gas will be blocked and people will not run towards the eyes, so there will be no fog.

3. Using detergent skillfully

Apply a layer of detergent to the lens, and then gently wipe it with the glasses cloth to evenly smear the lens, so that the glasses are not easy to fog.