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How to make ice sugar gourd at home? Don't miss the key skills of boiling sugar

Ice sugar gourd, I believe you are not unfamiliar with this sweet and sour snack, which is very common in the north. Do you like it very much for children? In fact, ice sugar gourd can also be made at home. The most important step is to boil sugar sparingly.

For the method of ice sugar gourd and the boiling of sugar, first wash the hawthorn, remove the seeds (you can use a pen cap to remove the seeds, or you can not remove the seeds), put it on with a bamboo stick (it's better to have 5 strings) and of course use other ones, such as small apple / banana / orange, etc. As long as you like the fruit.

Put the lollipop (soft white sugar can also be) into the pot, put some water, sugar, water ratio 1:2, boil slowly, when the sugar bubbles, dip it with bamboo chopsticks, put it into the cold water, take it out and bite it with teeth (if it sticks, it means the fire is small), so many times, until it feels brittle. Quickly dip the Hawthorn string in the pot and turn it by hand to make the Hawthorn string dip in sugar evenly. Then tap the Hawthorn string gently on the panel and pull it slowly (sugar chips can appear above the Hawthorn string)

Main ingredients: hawthorn, strawberry, grape and other fresh fruit accessories: sugar, sugar, honey and other processes: 1. Select fresh and plump red fruits with uniform size and wash them. Cut the red fruit in the waist, use a knife to dig out the core, and then close the two valves. String the red fruits that have been seeded with bamboo sticks. Each string is about ten.

2. Boil sugar. Pour the sugar into the pot. Add water according to the ratio of 2:1 sugar and water. Boil for about 20 minutes. When the sugar is just cooked, it is thick and transparent. If the cooking time is not enough, the sugar will stick to the teeth; if the cooking time is too long, the sugar will be bitter.

3. dip the sugar into the hot red sugar and put the thin layer on it. The ice sugar gourd Master said that dipping sugar may seem simple, but it needs skills. If the sugar is too thick to bite the fruit, it's a failure. Sugar should be dipped in a thin and even layer, that is, success.

4. Cool down and put the red fruit string dipped in sugar on the water plate for two or three minutes to enjoy. The so-called water board, in fact, is a smooth board, which has been soaked in clear water for a long time, with low temperature. At the same time, the wood has water absorption, which can help the sugar gourd to cool and shape. When it is made at home, it can be replaced by an anvil, as long as the anvil is put in water and soaked before use

Ice sugar gourd material: main material: red fruit (can Begonia and other seasonal fruit) 500g ice sugar amount. Features of ice sugar gourd: red, bright and crystal, sweet and sour, soft and crisp, first-class juice, delicious taste. How to make ice sugar gourd? How to make ice sugar gourd is delicious. 1. Wash the red fruit, disinfect it, and wear it into a string with a bamboo stick. 2. Boil the ice sugar with appropriate amount of water into sugar solution, then dip the red fruit into the sugar solution, and wait for the sugar solution to all coagulate on the fruit.