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How to deal with indoor drying after heating? Just place a basin of water in the room

The weather is slowly getting cold, and many places have begun to turn on the heating! It needs to be noted that when the heating comes, many people begin to have a heating disease, and it is easy to get dry mouth and throat, which is the disadvantage of turning on the heating. Then how to deal with the drying in the room after heating?

The air is relatively dry, and the room is airless. Some people start to get angry, sleep uneasily, thirsty, children and old people cough, dizzy and breathless, fidgety, some people are thirsty and can't sleep, some people are dry and have nosebleeds;

After heating, how to deal with indoor high temperature drying?

1、 Room humidifier

After heating, it is better to place a humidifier to increase the air humidity. It can reduce the indoor temperature and increase the air humidity so that the family will feel fresher and less sultry in a relatively comfortable environment and temperature!

2、 You can put a basin of water in each room

You can also put a basin of water in each room, so that the water in the basin will evaporate into the air with the indoor temperature, so as to reduce the indoor temperature and increase the air humidity! However, pay attention to the safety of children contacting the basin!

3、 Wet towels can be placed over the radiator

A wet towel can be placed on the radiator to sublimate the water in the towel into water molecules with the temperature of the radiator, which can be distributed in the air and effectively reduce the humidity of the air!