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Baidu doesn't know what app is? Baidu doesn't know how to chat

Baidu doesn't know that app is a classic 'smart chat app', a love artifact!!! There are thousands of searchable flirtatious scripts, routine routines and chat templates, which have not been used by small editors of the four seas network. The network has collected many chat scripts, I hope you like them.

Warm reminder: Baidu is temporarily unable to find the download address of the app. The specific mysterious Dongdong of Shenma is unknown.

1: You're a little tender. There's no sense of security with you. You are like a child, immature.

1. What's tender? Do you think I'm a steak

2. You can buy an insurance for us to have a sense of security. I think life insurance has a good one

2: I've made it more clear to you. Don't you understand?

1. Don't worry. It doesn't matter. Take it slow. Many people have problems with their expression ability. It's not your fault

2. It's my fault. I'm in a hurry to go out today. I forgot to wear a hearing aid

3. You are like a thick five thousand years. It's not so easy to understand you

3: You win

1. Can we start the award ceremony?

2. I won't be proud of it

3. How can you give up so easily? I will deduct points from your evaluation

4: I'll take care of you

1. I'm not a medicine. I can't take it randomly

2. Well, I'll give you my card number. Just call the consulting fee

3. You don't need to help if you haven't drunk much

5: I can't fall in love with you

1. Thank you very much, but please don't do harm to others

2. It's a little humanized to remove the words "impossible" and "love"

3. You need to improve your inferiority

6: People should be restrained

1. You're talking about ordinary people. I'm like two

2. I've tried my best to restrain myself, but I didn't expect you to detect the gas field all over me

3. Go to Taobao tomorrow and buy a storage box to help me!