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How to invest and manage money with monthly income of 5000 yuan? What are the ways of monthly invest

The monthly income of 5000 in general small and medium-sized cities is not small, but for the young people at present, there is no concept of investment and financing at all, so how can the monthly income of 5000 be relatively high?

How to manage money with monthly income of 5000

1. Bank deposit

China is a big country of savings. Chinese people prefer to save money rather than consume it, which has a lot to do with our concept of life. The so-called "have money in hand, don't panic in your heart". Save the money, if something happens, it won't be useless.

For people with a monthly income of 5000, in addition to the necessary consumption every month, there should be a lot of surplus wages. It is suggested that you put some money in the bank.

2. Investment and financial products

We should all know about the bank financial products. The bank's investment financial products are relatively safe, of course, the rate of return is quite low, but they are still higher than the bank deposits.

It is worth noting that the bank's financial products are only relatively safe, not necessarily safe. The bank's financial products will also have the risk of loss, and some are "flyers" under the banner of the bank's financial products. We must pay attention when signing the contract.

In addition to bank financial products, there are many financial products launched by financial companies and financial platforms on the market. The income of these financial products is much higher than that of bank financial products, but the corresponding risk is much greater.

3. insurance

It's normal for us to encounter minor illness and pain in our life, but it's more troublesome if the disease is serious or something unexpected happens.

Therefore, when people make financial planning, they will take insurance into account, because family security can guarantee the normal life of their families from being affected, especially the main source of income of their families. Once they encounter accidents, the family economy will be severely damaged. At this time, family insurance is particularly important, which can minimize the economic loss of their families.

To buy insurance products, first buy pure insurance, such as foreign insurance and accident medical insurance, then buy children's education insurance and other insurance. The accident medical insurance can generally meet the needs of ordinary families to prevent health accident risks; the addition of major diseases, hospitalization medical insurance, etc., can maximize the protection of family health, and avoid significant impact on the family economy.

4. Bond investment

Bonds are generally divided into state bonds and enterprise bonds. As the name implies, State bonds are issued by the state and enterprise bonds are issued by the enterprise. There is a difference between the two in terms of income and risk. You need to pay more attention when purchasing bonds.

Generally speaking, the national bond is the national bond we usually call. This security is very high, but its yield is lower than that of the corporate bond. On the contrary, the corporate bond and the national bond have higher yield, but the corresponding risk is higher.

5. Funds and shares

You should also understand the characteristics of the two. High risk and high return generally do not recommend you to invest in them, because stocks and funds need some professional knowledge. If you only rely on your own luck, the risk is too great.

Especially stocks, if you are lucky enough to meet a bull market, you can get rich overnight, but if you are unlucky enough to meet a bear market, you are likely to be poor overnight. As it turns out, most people who rely on luck to play stocks are the latter.

6. Consumption must be controlled

In life, there are a lot of expenses that are unnecessary. Although the amount seems small, it will also be a large expenditure after a long time, so we must reduce our daily expenses. Such as: energy saving, water-saving equipment, etc. Try to reduce the chances of eating out and cooking by yourself, so as to save some expenses.

There are so many places in the society that we need to spend money. If we really open up to spend, then our wages are far from enough. Therefore, we must be moderate in consumption, and try not to spend the necessary money well, so that our funds can be accumulated.

In real life, the human consumption is always increasing, and the name is various, so investors must master the degree of hobbies. If there is something in their home, they should reduce the scale as much as possible, which not only reduces the expense burden of relatives and friends, but also reduces their own human debt, and saves a lot of money for themselves.

Concluding remarks

If it is a small and medium-sized city, the monthly salary of 5000 should not be less, but if you don't want to be a moonlight family, you must spend more and control. There is no way to accumulate wealth by wasting.