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Dry lips in autumn and winter, a big discount in beauty value

It is a common phenomenon in autumn and winter for us to have chapped lips. Almost everyone has had such a situation. When the lips are chapped, their beauty will be greatly reduced. Does it make you feel very bad? So what about dry lips in winter?

what are the causes of dry skin on lips?

1. Lips are chapped and skinned because of sunburn

Some people's lips are thin and delicate, so it is easy to be burned by the sun's ultraviolet rays and cause dry cracking and peeling. But even if the lip skin is thick, if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will also cause the lips to dry and peel. The long-term exposure will not only damage the lips skin, but also cause the lips to dehydrate due to the high temperature.

Improvement method: carry a lip balm containing vitamin E and moisturizing effect better. It is best to have the function of isolation and sunscreen. When you have ultraviolet rays in the open air, you should put on a lipstick to protect your lips.

2. Vitamin B deficiency

Many people do not like to eat vegetables, but vegetables are rich in vitamin B. if the body does not get enough vitamin B for a long time, it will lead to vitamin B deficiency, which will cause chapped lips.

Improvement method: eat more vegetables rich in vitamin B, or go to the pharmacy to buy vitamin B group tablets and take them appropriately every day. The body gets enough intake and the lips recover.

3. Chapped lips are peeling because of a long, irritating diet

Many people may have a very heavy taste, hot and salty diet, or they also like smoking and drinking. These eating habits may lead to chapped lips and skin. These diets are irritant to the throat and stomach. Long term stimulating diet will lead to the occurrence of some diseases, which is also caused by chapped lips and skin.

Improvement methods: adjust the bad eating habits, reduce smoking and drinking, eat more healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables, and the taste will gradually become lighter. It is not only good for the health, but also the phenomenon of chapped lips and peeling will gradually improve.

4. Improper use of lipstick

Women who often make up should pay attention to the fact that long-term application of lipstick will dry their lips. Especially in autumn and winter, when applying lipstick, they will see some fine lines on their lips. Because of the paraffin and pigment in lipstick, they will take away the water from their lips and make them dry.

It is recommended that you first use lipstick before bottoming, so as to avoid direct contact between lipstick and lip.

5. Dehydration of body

Not drinking enough water in the body can cause chapped lips.

6. Toothpaste residual injury

Many toothpastes contain sodium dodecyl sulfate, which can cause skin dryness and itching. In winter, try to reduce the use of such toothpastes, or wash the toothpastes around the mouth after brushing.

What to do with dry lips

1. Exfoliation

When the lips are dry and cracked, apply hot towel to the lips for 3-5 minutes, soften the dead skin, and then gently brush off the dead skin on the lips with a soft brush, and then apply lip cream.

2. Labial membrane at night

Olive oil and honey are the best choice for lip mask. They can be mixed in equal proportion and then applied to lips. The moisturizing effect is good.

However, it is necessary to wait for absorption for a period of time, about 20 minutes, and then go to bed, but do not get it to the pillow.

Of course, when the two are used alone, the effect is also acceptable. On weekdays, if they are easy to get, they can also be used instead of lip balm.

3. Drink it

A handful of tremella and 10 red dates. Boil them with ice sugar. Have a drink sooner or later. After a few days, peeling and hair drying will disappear naturally.