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Can I go to the wedding if I'm pregnant? What are the taboos for pregnant women to attend weddings

When a woman is pregnant, there are always many things that she can't do. Some of them are worried about the safety and health of the pregnant woman, and some of them are customary problems in various places. So pregnant can attend the wedding? In fact, the taboos in every place are different, do as the Romans do.

Can I go to the wedding when I'm just pregnant

1. Pregnant women should try to avoid attending weddings.

2. In China, there are many taboos in the etiquette and customs of childbearing and wedding. These sayings are believed to be true or not. There is no need to get too tangled up. Generally speaking, the older generation believes that in order to avoid causing unhappiness on both sides, it is necessary to abide by these customs as much as possible.

3. For the sake of pregnant women's health, try not to let pregnant women just get pregnant go to the wedding.

Why pregnant women can't attend weddings

1. The flow of people at the wedding site was disordered and the air was poor. Newlyweds like to be noisy, all kinds of noise, speakers, firecrackers and so on. For pregnant women's fetuses, they are very noisy. But with the crowd surging, or disease, or smokers accompanied by the dirty air, flying bacteria and so on are easy to stimulate the adverse reactions of the fetus.

2. The wedding banquet is rich in food, which may not be suitable for pregnant women. In fact, there are many things that pregnant women don't want to eat. People don't particularly avoid those things for you. You may avoid drinking water, but you can't know whether there are ingredients that pregnant women can't accept in every dish.

3. Pregnant women are not welcome in wedding families, especially those in charge of the elderly. The most important thing is to be afraid that pregnant women may have problems, and the families can't afford to do the wedding. The principle that one thing is more than one thing is less makes the wedding refuse pregnant women to attend.

At first, pregnancy is in a very sensitive period. At this time, it is very easy to get involved in some unhappy topics, which will affect the mood of pregnant women and even bring bad effects to their families. So in a place that doesn't care much about these customs, it's very happy to attend the wedding of your best friend. But attending a wedding can't make pregnant women feel too tired, or it's not worth it.