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What do you mean by wingman? Source and source of wingman

What's the block of Liao Ji? Liao Ji is a new word. Many people will feel very new when they see it for the first time. In fact, for people who are familiar with love apartments, is it not a very strange word? LV ziqiao's mantra is "wingman". What does the word mean?

What do you mean by wingman

Wingman is simply your friend who wants to chase people for help. You are the wingman. It means to let same-sex friends or heterosexual friends as' wingmen 'around you to help you make' friends'.

Wingman originally refers to the aircraft that follows the long aircraft to perform tasks in formation flight. The wingman shall maintain the position specified in the formation, observe the air conditions and execute the command of the long aircraft.

In real life, the term is often used to describe a friend who helps him or her to score points in a relationship.

When chasing girls, we all need a qualified wingman to assist us. So what does wingman mean? I believe many people still don't understand it. To be popular, wingman is a man who cooperates with himself to attract girls' attention. He can choose his close friends, people with good communication ability or personality. Then both sides should trust each other, which helps you The process of chasing girls is smoother.

What's a wingman

In fact, it's the help of chasing your friends!

Composed of two or more people (same sex or opposite sex), it is generally used to test the loyalty of lovers, or the degree of development between lovers and the third party, and a way to master information.

Because of the popularity of love apartment 4, the word "Liao Ji" in ziqiao's mouth has attracted a lot of attention.

As a friend, Liao Ji can provide social authentication for the younger generation.

In the process of courting girls, your wingman is your good brother, and you are the long plane. He must follow you to perform the task of courting girls. This wingman should be able to observe the action of the long plane at all times, so as to help you better take the girl you are now.

LV ziqiao and Zhang Wei often serve as each other's wingmen. Qin Yumo also served as LV ziqiao's wingmen.

Take the wingman of the younger sister

Male friends who have some common sense can help to know women, attract women or bring women back to the grave. When talking to a woman, he can help to open up a woman's friends or directly tell her the positive characteristics of a girl. Synonym: wingman.

PS: so called good friends, good friends, to help you put your sister's brother. )