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What's the real man's poison? The other half of the guests have cheated

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; in addition to today's poisonous flowers and teenagers, the real man is a representative of the first season. The second season has two shows. These two shows have been ridiculed by netizens. Is the program poisonous? Or is there too much confusion in the entertainment world?

First, while Yang Mi was seriously filming the program at that time, her husband, Kaiwei Liu, was blasted and the woman did not come out of the hotel for a long time. However, the incident has not been confirmed, but the two did not seem to be affected by it. After the storm, the relationship between the two is still the same. A netizen ran into the two people together and took xiaonuomi to the supermarket. As time goes on, the divorce between the two will be over.

This year's cheating team Chen Sicheng takes the lead in scoring one point. If the real man is really poisonous, this year's cheating team Chen Sicheng takes the lead in scoring one point. If the real man is really poisonous

Yang Mi, a married man who has been a real man, has been attracted by many people since the program was launched. Although she is a bit gaunt, she has been praised for her hard work.

Chen Sicheng was betrayed when the second one, Yaya, was on the show. They shared a room in the middle of the night and didn't leave the hotel until noon the next day. Many netizens feel sorry for Tong Liya after seeing the news. ​

&#All people accused Chen Sicheng of being sorry for his wife, but Yaya just gave birth to a lovely daughter for him, but he was derailed. ​ earlier, tongliya's wechat friend circle said, 'start again, Yaya come on!' the picture is a close photo of her and her daughter, which is really heartbreaking!

Third, Wang Baoqiang's participation in the real man is known to all. The stars could not easily call their families. Wang Baoqiang did not hesitate to call his wife Ma Rong.

​ and we can see the reaction of Ma Rong on the phone. When they were exposed that Ma Rong was deviant, the video was also pulled out. After the incident was exposed, the whole world was in love with Wang Baoqiang.

There are so many problems in the event that many stars were scared at one time, and some people joked that they would not dare to participate in the real man in the future. ​​​​​​​​​