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What color lipstick is the best color for yellow skin paper? Yellow skin N multiple mouth red number

To say that we yellow star people, the color range we can choose is really small, pink is black, orange is earthy, positive red is the most beautiful, but it's not suitable for daily commuting, so for girls, it's really difficult to choose a lipstick that suits them. For Asians, the skin color is generally yellow, so choosing lipstick is also a lot of stress.

Generally speaking, yellow skin is not suitable for too light color, or dim color. Red lipstick is suitable for yellow skin, such as orange red. It's the good news of yellow skin when it's painted white for one second. There are also red bean paste, pumpkin color, plum color, brick red, aunt red, which are generally recognized as white colors. These are warm red, which is the most suitable color for yellow skin. Every time you put on makeup, you can match them again Good blush, white two degrees is not a problem!

What color lipstick is the best color for yellow skin?

Orange lipstick

The combination of light orange and dark skin will coordinate your softness, make you look like a Japanese girl, dreamy and soft, and the high saturation can brighten the skin color, make you look healthy and energetic.

Nude pink lipstick

Nude color is almost universal, close to skin color, so black skin is also suitable for girls!

A girl with dark skin. The choice of lipstick color is dark complexion and dark complexion. If you do not apply the base color, you should not apply bright lipstick. You can apply the natural red natural red lipstick. Orange, pink, red, reddish brown. Because in contrast, it will make the skin shiny, will not let people focus on the black skin, but also make you look more energetic. But should not choose neutral lipstick oh.

Red lipstick

Red lipstick is also very suitable for black girls, and it will look gorgeous when it is painted. It is suitable to be painted on the occasion of a grand dinner party. The gorgeous color will make you shining and dazzling!

Red lipstick

True red is the most obvious color of skin white. It doesn't pick skin at all. It's also very impressive. It's full of Goddess style and suitable for any occasion!

Dull red

There is no doubt that black sister is suitable for lipstick of dark color system. I have explained that dark red and red brown system are suitable for you!

Yellow star population red recommended

What brand of lipstick is the evergreen tree in lipstick industry? Lipstick is not only a favorite of fashion experts, but also a must-have for every female friend. With its charm, it will greatly improve, and it is also a must-have for many Americans to leave the country.

No.1 Saint Laurent

YSL Lip Glaze 201 is very good in color. It's the top grade in color development. It's moisturizing and lasting for a long time. Saint Laurent's lipstick is so willful. Poppy red, red all over the universe, like a ripe strawberry, the mouth is particularly attractive, the temperament is explosive, especially suitable for use in the party hall, appears white.

No.2 Mac Chili

Mac bullet head, smart and beautiful, is brick red, is a brick red and white one, which is very suitable for the lipstick in the current season. It is characterized by high color rendering, long-term maintenance, and some dryness, so the dry lips should be considered!

No.3 Armani Lip Glaze 501#

The queen of Armani lipstick, the favorite of 501 people, is a very classic color. Isn't it just the popular colors? The upper mouth is more beautiful, with matte texture and a very versatile color in daily life.

No.4 Givenchy pink lambskin 302#

It's suitable for moisturized skin, foggy surface, color rendering and light makeup. This lipstick can bring excellent long-lasting moisturizing effect without skin color and whitening, making lips full, plump and sexy.

No.5 Tom Ford

Not to mention the tall appearance, the quality is also one of the best. In a short time, it has surpassed many big brands. Of course, the price is not low. Tube 7 is also one of the lipstick that girls can't let go of. It's no wonder that pink, tender and tender colors are inevitable!

No.6 Guerlain Lip Balm lipstick

Kisskiss Yang Yang color, the effect of the upper lip is very good. Yang Yang has brainwashed her. The purse is free. The color is obvious. The moisture is a bar! It's suitable for dry ones.

No.7 Dior999

This lipstick is a legend, not pink. Its color is very positive. No matter how it is used, it's very beautiful. It's a classic positive red lipstick that can be held in the workplace.

No.8 CPB rose

The characteristic color is very positive, the durability is very high, very moist, 205 has been the perfect lipstick, the girl heart burst a color, Dudu your little mouth, see his heart is not moved.

No.9 NARS indulge in lipstick lipstick

Dark system, milk coffee, Auntie color king!!! What's strange is that velvet makeup lipstick is so moisturized. The hot spots are all bean paste.

All of them are haughty brands, but the price is not silly and cute, but the quality is generally beyond. Seeing here, maybe you want to ask if you don't say good 10 classic lipsticks? Now is the old one?!

Ten lipstick super fire evergreen trees, I will choose it, evergreen trees is to keep their youth, give me more opportunities to enchant for a few years. Beauty starts from the heart!