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Why does aunt like to wear silk scarves when she takes photos of 7 silk scarves?

early yesterday morning,

"Aunts took photos with seven scarves" and brushed the screen.

Hurry up, well, my mother is not in it & hellip; & hellip;

These aunts are visiting Chongqing,

With a number of changing scarves,

I changed 10 places to take photos,

They said: for the sake of beauty, they are not afraid of tiredness! It seems that for middle-aged and old women to take a silk scarf when going out has become a necessary equipment. Do you know why? Every scenic spot seems to be a beautiful scenic spot. Are these aunts catching up with the trend or the earth? The same world, the same mother, what do you think?

Why does aunt like to take photos with silk scarves?

In fact, as a young generation, why do aunts use scarves as ornaments? It's very simple. In their era, scarves were a symbol of fashion. I remember in the early 1990s, batshirts, bell bottomed pants, big OK sunglasses and scarves were all the favourites of fashion people at that time, and many aunts liked them very much. They are still insisting. Is there any problem?

The scarf is portable. You can wrap it in a bag or around your neck to keep warm. Of course, you can wear it to cover your aunt's thick arms. Is there any problem? Is it allowed that your young and beautiful little sister can use beauty, PS, and aunt can't take a slim and thin arm artifact?

When it comes to directing your shooting, it doesn't matter. In fact, aunts will pose more than many young girls. I went out to take pictures for other girls myself. At first, I couldn't let them go. How to do it was rigid. But I communicated slowly and took pictures slowly. My sister was still not satisfied. She said that what I took was not as good as her mobile phone. This is the common problem of many girls now. They live in the world of their own beauty cameras. They can't extricate themselves, and they always only have one angle to take photos, 45 degrees on the right. However, when I finished shooting and repaired it for them, they said, "well, it's really good. Professional photographers are different. They can catch it.".

In fact, aunts are better to shoot. I think the generation of aunts is more upright and temperament than the younger generation when they put their poses. Standing like a pine, sitting like a clock, that is to say, their generation. Then they shoot with the most fashionable prop scarf, which complements each other. It's not very good. The most important thing is to help Auntie take photos. Auntie doesn't have high requirements. She doesn't need you to be thin and beautiful. Because Auntie is sure to wear a scarf to cover her shoulder, and then wear sunglasses on her face. In this way, the original picture can be drawn directly. Isn't it very good?

Most of the time, we use our own ideas to understand the behavior of others. It's like sometimes when I take a bus, I always meet the loud people on the bus, who have been on the phone all the way, never stopped from the beginning to the end, and the voice is very loud. Sometimes, when he feels uncomfortable, he wants to remind him to keep his voice down and not influence others. But looking back, there is no problem with his behavior. In public places, he has his own right to speak. He may just be a little louder, but there is no problem with other things. What's more, he didn't do anything that affected others. Apart from his voice, he was still immersed in his own happiness. Isn't it good?

Many times, we apply others to ourselves. We just forget to think about it from the perspective of others. If there is no aunt's contribution, will we have a happy day today? If there is no aunt's frugality, can we buy iPhones now if we want to buy iPhones? Obviously, no, if the aunt doesn't buy Scarves, we can buy iPhones now Use Cartier bracelet, Gucci bag and LV's single upper body. Do you have money to buy mobile phones? Right, so understand Auntie just as Auntie can understand our generation's dumb and brainless. Forgive each other. There is nothing wrong with scarves. It's the same sentence. If you want to make a picture, it's just to see the photographer. If the photographer is good, I believe it's not a problem to wear a scarf or not. If you can't make a good work by wearing a scarf, you should consider whether your level is too strong.