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How to make shepherd's purse delicious in spring? Recipe of shepherd's purse

Shepherd's purse is a kind of vegetable that many people like to eat. Although it's just a small wild vegetable, shepherd's purse is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, and it's really a pure natural green food, so many people like to eat shepherd's purse in spring, so do you know how to eat the best shepherd's purse? Let's go with Xiaobian.

Should shepherd's purse be boiled before eating

Yes, it can remove the potential toxins. Many wild vegetables, such as Portulaca oleracea, willow bud, alfalfa, etc., can remove the potential toxins by scalding with boiling water, and also can effectively prevent the occurrence of allergic phenomenon.

After blanching, shepherd's purse will lose part of its nutrition and fragrance, but for safety, it is better to eat it after blanching, because shepherd's purse is a wild vegetable with high oxalic acid, and there may be pesticide residues or other pollutants.

After the shepherd's purse is bought home, wash it first, remove the old leaves and other possible dirt and sundries, then soak it in light salt water for about 20 minutes, and then rinse it with clear water and drain it for use.

Then boil a large pot of boiling water, the best amount of water is enough, and put some salt or a few drops of cooking oil in the boiling water. Then put the shepherd's purse in boiling water and blanch for about half a minute. When you see that the shepherd's purse becomes soft and green, pull it out with cold water and cool it. Soak it in cold water for a period of time, and then pull out a little water.

How to make shepherd's purse delicious and nutritious

The method of cold mixed shepherd's purse

Materials: shepherd's purse, carrot

Seasoning: soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, starch, sesame oil and lard


1. Wash the shepherd's purse, remove the old leaves and blanch for use. Well done. About half a minute. Add salt and oil to the water;

2. Cut the dried and carrot into thin threads. Mix with boiled wild vegetables. Add sesame oil, salt, vinegar, garlic mud, etc. and mix the taste;

3. You can increase or decrease the ingredients and seasonings according to your own preferences. It's a bit thin when slicing carrot. It tastes good

Tips: shepherd's purse salad is rich in carotene, which is equivalent to carrot, and carotene is the original vitamin A, which is a good food for curing dry eye disease and night blindness.

How to make shepherd's purse balls

Material: 500g pork, 300g shepherd's purse, 250g water chestnut

Accessories: 15g ham sausage, 25g shrimp, 25g Magnolia slice, 25g mushroom (fresh), 10g

Seasoning: soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, starch, sesame oil and lard


1. Finely chop the pork into small pieces, put the wok on the high fire, add a little cooked lard, when it is 50% hot, put the minced pork into the wok and stir fry, then add the refined salt, monosodium glutamate and soy sauce, when it is cooked, thicken it with wet starch, put it in the bowl, and cool it for use.

2. Blanch shepherd's purse in boiling water for about 3 minutes, remove the water and chop it; cut mushrooms, Olay, ham and shrimps, mix them together with cooked minced meat, shepherd's purse, sesame oil, refined salt and monosodium glutamate, and knead them into 40 small balls to form the filling center; crack the eggs and put the egg white and yolk in two bowls.

3. Chop 400g pork into powder, peel and chop water chestnut into powder, then put it into a bowl together with chopped scallion and ginger, add Guoba, egg yolk, refined salt and monosodium glutamate, mix them into viscosity, divide them into 40 parts, and use them as the outer skin according to the flattening. Add some water to the egg white, put it into a bowl and mix it evenly, then stick the egg white with the palm of your hand, take the outer skin and wrap one filling heart, rub it into a ball, and then finish it one by one, that is, the green body of shepherd's purse ball.

4. Boil the meatballs and season.

The method of shepherd's purse and tofu soup

Material: shepherd's purse Nanfu pork leg

Seasoning: salad oil, salt, sesame oil, starch, water lake, powder, flower carving wine


1. Wash shepherd's purse and cut it with knife. Cut the tender tofu into small strips 0.5cm thick and 4cm long. Wash the mushrooms, remove the stalks and cut them into thin shreds. Cut Jinhua ham into thin silk for use.

2. Cut pig's Tongji into 4cm long filaments, mix with Shuidian powder, Shaoxing rice wine and salt and marinate for 10 minutes.

3. Heat the oil in the hot pot with medium heat. When the oil is 50% hot, put your hand over the wok to feel the heat rising. Put the cured pork shreds into the wok and stir fry until it is fully cooked. Then add some water.

4. Put the small strips of tender tofu, Jinhua ham and mushroom into the pot after the fire is boiled, and then turn to medium fire to boil for 5 minutes.

5. Then put shepherd's purse into the pot, pour in the remaining water starch and thicken.

6, after a short boil, add the remaining salt, chicken essence and sesame oil.

Notes on eating shepherd's purse

First, choose shepherd's purse without flowers, so that it is more tender and delicious. The quality of rolling trees in the market is poor. The root of shepherd's purse has the highest medicinal value. It should not be removed when making a therapeutic recipe;

Second, shepherd's purse should not be cooked for a long time, too long time will damage its nutrients, but also make the color yellow;

Third, shepherd's purse can relieve the bowels, so people who loose their bowels should be careful;

Fourth, people with physical deficiency can't eat shepherd's purse;

Tips: do not add garlic, ginger, cooking wine to taste, so as not to destroy the fragrance of shepherd's purse.