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What if the zipper breaks? Use these methods to fix it right away

In our life, we often break the zipper, sometimes in an awkward time, sometimes in an awkward position. Today's Sihai net small knitting summarizes four situations in which the zipper is often broken. We can fix them immediately by these methods. Let's have a look.

1. The zipper is not flexible. What should we do if the zipper of clothes, bags and trousers is damp or rusty, and it is not unblocked when pulled after oxidation

Solution: if you use a candle to brush back on two rows of teeth and bake it on the fire, it will be very slippery when pulled.

2. The zipper cannot be opened

The problem that metal zipper often appears is that it can't be pulled up or opened. The main reason is that the zipper's pull head is used for a long time, and the distance between metal sheets will be widened. What should we do

Solution: the repair method is very simple, just use pliers to clamp up and down or left and right

3. Zipper opening

What should we do if we pull too long and the caliber becomes larger?

Solution: clamp the end of the puller with pliers, but be careful not to use too much force or deviate. Replace the puller if you want to solve it completely

4. Zipper teeth missing

What should we do if the zipper is missing teeth

Solution: pry the zipper teeth off with pliers or camera at the original tail, remove several teeth, install them at the teeth dropping position, and then gently press the teeth on the cloth edge with pliers to firmly bite them.