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What should I do if I can't take the ring off for a long time? Learn these tricks and handle them ea

Wedding rings or diamond rings are popular with many people, so they are often worn on their hands. However, if they are too long or fat, they can't be taken off easily. What if they can't be taken off? In fact, simple tricks can be easily done.

1. Release the hand and try to keep the joint in a relaxed state. Rotate it slowly and take off the ring.

Most of the time, rings can be taken off. After all, you can take them off if you put them on. First try this method, O & cap; (Uu & cap;) O haha~

2. Soap your fingers

Try to rub the part where you wear the ring to reduce the local friction, then slowly rotate and remove the ring.

3. Apply hand cream on the palm, or apply salad oil locally

In fact, it's similar to step 2, which is to reduce friction. What Xiaobian wants to express is that if soap can't remove your ring, try something more lubricating~

4. Take some washing powder, bubble it into liquid, and put it into a plastic bag

Then put the plastic bag between the ring and finger, and then turn the ring to take it down. Because of the plastic bag, it won't hurt very much to use brute force fingers.

5. Soak your fingers in ice water

Most of the time, the ring can't be taken off because the hand is swollen, especially in summer, the limbs are easily swollen. At this time, as long as the swelling is reduced, everything will be fine. You can use ice water to soak your hands to solve this problem.

6. If the fingers are swollen, raise your hands high

In this way, the local blood will be better. At this time, go to see a doctor or find a firefighter to break the ring. Ring selection, often has an important meaning in life, so, when we buy rings, we must buy the right number to avoid regret.

7. Call 119 to help you or 120.

Ring size selection

I. diameter method

The diameter method can also be divided into two types, one is to directly measure the rings usually worn. Hold the comfortable ring and place it on the ruler with the reading on it. Look at the maximum diameter of the inner ring of the ring. Then compare the diameter with the number.

The other is to measure fingers directly. Compare the diameter of the finger with a ruler, and the scale on the edge of the finger is the diameter of the ring. Or use a vernier caliper to measure the diameter of the finger. However, there is a disadvantage of the diameter method, that is, the error is relatively large.

Because everyone's joints are different, the ring must pass through the joints, so the size of the joints will also seriously affect the size of the ring hand.

II. Perimeter method

Perimeter method can be divided into three types according to different materials used. The easiest is the paper method. First, use a small piece of paper around your finger, then cut it out and straighten it, use a ruler to measure the length of the paper, and then use the ring size comparison table to get the size. The rope is the same as the paper strip. After winding, measure the length and get the size by comparison.