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Is it true that CCTV refutes rumors of food mutual restriction?

In our daily life, we often meet many people who say that a lot of food match each other, what and what can't be eaten together, and many people take this as a standard, so what is the reality? Do these foods really match? CCTV 3 & middot; 15, together with the State Food and drug administration, issued the first consumption warning of this year's 3 & middot; 15 party. Are the foods reliable? Can't crab and tomato eat together? Eating together is equal to taking arsenic? CCTV 315 experiment refutes the rumor: false!

The following is the live record of CCTV:

Chen Weihong: welcome to continue watching CCTV's 2018 315 party which is being broadcast live for you.

Next, we will work with the State Food and drug administration to issue the first consumption warning for this year's 3 & middot; 15 party.

In life, I believe many people have heard such a saying. For example, don't eat this kind of food together with that kind of food, which may cause discomfort or even poisoning to your body. This is the rumor that food can't match.

For a long time, there are many people who believe in the concept of food match, and even some people regard it as scientific common sense. I have a classmate who is one of the members of this army. On the kitchen wall of his family, two tables like this are conspicuously pasted to remind him of what he can't eat with. Therefore, before every meal in their family, they always stand in front of the form and carefully think whether this thing can be put together with that thing.

I think this may not be a case. If you go to the book market to have a look, you will find that the sales volume of books related to food match is also very good. Our reporter has also made relevant investigations. Let's come and see together.

Explanation: it's very easy to open this website. There are no less than five kinds of books about food match. The price is about 20 yuan. There are not only books but also posted forms for sale. There are eight books in one set.

Search another website, there are more than ten kinds of related books, the form not only sold in sets, but also a single chapter 5 yuan.

There are as many as 50 related books on this website. Make some books such as the food matching list of the book building to occupy an important position.

The total amount of food is countless. Jujube and shrimp skin will be poisoned, and arsenic and VC will form arsenic. Durian and milk together with caffeine, spinach and tofu can not be eaten together, spinach is rich in oxalic acid, tofu contains calcium, forming calcium oxalate, easy to form stones in the kidney.

There is a basis for the various claims that food can't match each other, and there are experimental results that people are at a loss. Are these statements true?

Chen Weihong: it seems that there are so many rumors about food match. Is there any scientific basis for these rumors? Today, we invited an expert to answer your questions. The expert invited for you is fan Zhihong, associate professor, School of food science and nutrition engineering, China Agricultural University.

Fan Zhihong: Hello, everyone.

Host: Professor Fan has been focusing on academic research in this field for many years, and she often popularizes some healthy life concepts for ordinary people in many mass media. Professor Fan, I believe that many people will often ask you if there is any scientific reason for food mutual restriction.

Fan Zhihong: Yes, I've been asked many questions about it. Some people are particularly concerned about it.

Chen Weihong: very persistent. And there are so many rumors about food match that you can easily find them. It seems that we all have heard each one. For example, I have heard that tomatoes and crabs should not be eaten together, because they will react in the stomach after eating, and generate a substance called arsenic. Is there any basis for this statement?

Fan Zhihong: it sounds very scientific. He said that tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which can transform the non-toxic organic arsenic in crabs into inorganic toxic arsenic. You just said that it belongs to trivalent arsenic.

Chen Weihong: you are talking about scientific terms, but in a word, you will find that when you spread these rumors, you must put on the so-called scientific coat for them.

Fan Zhihong: Yes, but do crabs and tomatoes really produce a lot of toxic inorganic arsenic in our gastrointestinal environment? Let the experimental data speak.

Chen Weihong: let's take a look at this experiment.

Lin Li: in response to this rumor today, we choose crabs and tomatoes to simulate human digestion process to verify whether the arsenic in crabs will be converted into toxic arsenic. Well, first of all, take 2 grams of crab roe and tomato from the balance respectively, and the artificial gastric juice prepared according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. After mediation and mixing, put it into the incubator for two hours, adjust the pH value to add artificial intestinal fluid, and then put it into the incubator for two hours after vortex mixing, basically simulating the human digestion process. Then add the extract to the sample to extract the arsenic in the crab, we will import the extract into the instrument to determine the production capacity, and see if the crab really transforms the arsenic in the crab into arsenic? This is the spectrum of our experiment, the white spectrum is the original content of arsenic in the crab, we can see that the content of non-toxic organic arsenic is far greater than that of toxic inorganic arsenic, and the green spectrum is We added tomato to simulate artificial gastric juice and got the experimental results, which are basically consistent with the white spectrum. This shows that our organic arsenic has not been converted into toxic inorganic arsenic, especially the trivalent arsenic which is called arsenic. The determination result of inorganic arsenic in this sample is less than 0.06 mg / kg, far lower than the national standard limit requirement of 0.5 mg / kg.

Chen Weihong: after reading the experiment just now, we all know that it's a rumor. But I still want to ask Professor Fan, does the experiment result just now fully prove that once we eat tomatoes and crabs at the same time one day, it will never produce arsenic?

Fan Zhihong: Well, we can see two levels of problems in this experiment. The first is that the total amount of toxic inorganic arsenic in the sample is really very small, which is far below the national standard. So it is far from the dose that can really harm human health and cause poisoning.

The second problem we can see is that the toxic inorganic arsenic was originally in the sample, not because we added tomatoes, its quantity increased, it did not increase at all.

Chen Weihong: so in fact, it fully proves that the rumor just now is definitely a rumor.

Fan Zhihong: Yes, that is to say, even if the inorganic arsenic here is all trivalent, it is impossible for us to be poisoned.

Chen Weihong: there's another puzzle I need to discuss with you. Just now we did the experiment in the laboratory. We used artificial gastric juice and artificial intestinal juice to simulate the human digestion process, but this result came from the laboratory. I've been thinking about whether this result will be consistent with the response of ordinary people after eating two kinds of food in our life? Can this result be convincing?

Fan Zhihong: actually, there are other experiments. It was the Chinese society of nutrition that commissioned Lanzhou University Medical College to conduct a clinical trial of various food match theories, and more than 100 volunteers were all safe.

Chen Weihong: so we can further prove that the rumor just now is a rumor from another channel. Although such experts and scholars have been sparing no effort to help us solve these rumors, you find that the spread of the rumors of food match is really wide, especially after entering the era of the Internet, we can easily see similar articles from the micro blog or the circle of friends.

Next, I want to show you the table just presented. There are two key points in this table. Let's draw them out for you to see.

First, please pay attention to the bottom left corner of this picture. It says "recommended by China Nutrition Association". It sounds like it is recommended by a very authoritative organization, so we should seem to believe in food match. But we have to tell you responsibly that as early as 2016, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has exposed that the so-called China Nutrition Association is an illegal organization, and the formal and legal name of the organization should be "China Nutrition Society". One word difference, but the difference is very big.

Another point, let's look at the top right of the chart. Maybe the handwriting is relatively small, and the audience can't see it clearly, which is to remind everyone of a healthy life concept. There's nothing wrong with this sentence. What's the problem? There's a sentence in front of it: 'who experts shout loudly'. We really found many people and searched the whole network for half a day, but unfortunately, we didn't find a similar sentence once said by any who expert. However, when such a picture is placed in front of many people, many people may choose to believe it. Maybe this is the beginning of rumors. If from the perspective of scientific research, Professor Fan, can you tell us why the rumor of food match has been so strong in such a long time?

Fan Zhihong: maybe the words like toxic, carcinogenic and injurious attract people's attention. Most people hold the mentality that they prefer to believe in what they have, not believe in what they don't have, or even a little queer. There are a few people he took his seat, he said I ate crabs and fruits today, I really had a stomachache. Is it true that they are compatible? One reason for this may be that his constitution is not suitable for eating these things. Another possibility is that there are pathogenic bacteria in the food. But it has nothing to do with arsenic poisoning.

When we choose food in our daily life, we should first consider whether nutrition is balanced, whether food hygiene is qualified, and whether it is in line with our own constitution, rather than focusing on what we can't eat with. Too superstitious about the concept of food match will affect our food diversity, and easily mislead us to deviate from the general direction of healthy diet.

Chen Weihong: although it may sound reasonable to say that food Xiangke, careful experiments and various facts have fully told us that food Xiangke is an untenable rumor. Today's people begin to pay attention to eating healthy, but don't go into the wrong area and want to eat healthier. In fact, as Professor Fan suggested just now, it is necessary to timely and appropriately according to your physical condition, so as to truly ensure your health and your nutrition.

OK, thank you Professor Fan.