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How can electric vehicles charge safely at night?

Did you watch the 315 evening party last night? Many problems exposed are often encountered in daily life, among which charging electric vehicles at night has attracted a lot of people's attention. So how to charge the electric vehicle is the safest?

In recent years, there are many fire accidents caused by E-bike in China, 80% of which are caused by charging of E-bike.

When the battery is overloaded and charged, it is easy to explode, which ignites the plastic parts of the electric vehicle and releases a lot of toxic fumes, resulting in the loss of people and property.

Therefore, if you have an electric vehicle at home, please note: ① don't try to buy modified batteries cheaply, because these batteries are reassembled with cells that have exceeded their service life; ② don't charge at night, because charging at night is very easy to overload and cause fire; ③ charge according to the time specified in the manual, and the voltage of the charger and battery should match; ④ don't put the battery at home for charging.