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CCTV's 315 party in 2018 crack seasonal ballads 315 party these seasonal ballads carefully

This year's 315 party is very interesting. The fight against fake food is actually a rumor fight. Although these feelings are not as good as exposing the darkness, these classic rumors are indeed a curse. May as well follow Xiaobian to have a look. In fact, many people believe these so-called seasonal ballads in daily life, which is terrible.

The rumor of food goes on all the year round. When the seasonal food comes on the market, the rumor will come back to life.

According to the data of online public opinion, the 315 party combed four typical rumors, corresponding to the four seasons.

And I, as a guest, interpreted these rumors.

Spring: fake cabbage

There was a little video on the Internet that a person made a real cabbage out of plastic or wax. People couldn't help but sigh that even cabbage can be fake.

What you don't know, however, is that it's not a fake cabbage, but a simulation vegetable, mainly used for window display or classroom teaching.

The cheaper simulation cabbage is made of polyurethane, which is very light.

It's so easy to identify fakes. People who make fakes can only do so if they have brains.

What's more, I sell this simulation cabbage for 20-30 yuan, which is much more expensive than the real one. Do you think the fake cabbage is full?

Similarly, plastic Porphyra and plastic rice are more expensive than real things.

Summer: watermelon injection

Why is watermelon so sweet? Is it injected? Why is there something like thread in watermelon? Is it the trace of injection?

It is said that bad traders inject red and sweet additives into watermelons with syringes, which will damage the liver and kidney.

Although the watermelon skin is hard, the watermelon pulp is very fragile, and the inside of the watermelon is a closed environment.

To water the inside of a watermelon, not only does it need a lot of energy, but the water will come out immediately.

The pressure of water will also crush the pulp. At the same time, the eye of the needle will let the bacteria enter the inside of the watermelon, so the melon will not be stored for a day.

Is it not worth the loss that the merchant cannot sell the water?

Watermelon turns sweet, this is the progress of agricultural science and technology, why to be suspicious?

Autumn: Peanut dyeing

Peanuts soaked in water, even the water is dyed red. It must be dyed by unscrupulous businesses, right?

In fact, the main reason for food discoloration is the water-soluble natural pigment.

Peanuts are soaked in water. The red color in the water comes from peanut coat red, a natural pigment.

Similarly, purple rice, black peanuts, purple potatoes, mulberries, black wolfberry and other foods fade because of anthocyanins.

(purple eggplant also contains anthocyanins)

Winter: food is combustible

Noodles, chips and biscuits can be ignited. Is there any additive added? Is there chemical glue added?

In fact, the main ingredients of all kinds of food are carbohydrate, fat and protein, which can be burned.

So food burning is too normal. It has nothing to do with food additives. It's not because of the addition of glue.

Grape white frost = agricultural residue?

Some people say that there is white frost outside some grapes. It's pesticide residue. If you eat it, you will be poisoned. Is that true?

In Beijing food safety monitoring and risk assessment center, the researchers used two advanced instruments to test.

The results showed that the white frost of grape is mainly the natural wax which is harmless to human body, and the components are sugar, lipid, alcohol and other organic matters.

In fact, the vast majority of pesticide residues are invisible, grape white cream is so uniform, and it is not the result of human treatment.

It's not uncommon for plants to have natural waxes on their surface. Plums, winter melons, blueberries, etc. all have such white frost.