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How can we make an appointment to watch Cherry Blossom online?

In March and April of every year, many people in Wuhan University visit cherry blossoms and feel the strong atmosphere of the University. Do you need to make an appointment in advance to visit cherry blossoms in Wuhan University? How to make an appointment online? In order to do a good job of campus management during the opening of cherry blossom in 2018, according to the relevant national laws and regulations and the guidance of relevant departments of Wuhan municipal government, combined with the actual situation of school management, through research, we hereby issue the following notice:


It is recommended that the public stagger the peak or choose other destinations to travel

Wuhan University is an important place for teaching, scientific research and talent cultivation in China. The service and safety guarantee conditions for receiving public visits are limited. It is suggested that the public stagger the peak or choose other destinations to travel.

Appointment system for Cherry Blossom

The appointment system is implemented for cherry trees. It is the only way for the public to obtain the admission qualification to visit the university to make real name, limited amount and free appointment through the network.

From March 20 to April 2, 2018, local areas of the campus were closed for management. From 20:00 on March 17, the public can log in the reservation system through the homepage of Wuhan University (www.whu. Edu. CN) or the official wechat of Wuhan University (luojia1893), fill in the name, ID card (officer card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass, passport) number, mobile phone number and other real personal information, and make an appointment for the visit itinerary after three days; no social group appointment in any form is accepted.

The reservation limit for working days is 15000 and for weekends is 30000. The visiting time is 8:30-17:30 on weekdays and 8:00-18:00 on weekends. Outside this period, the public is not allowed to enter the school.


Double check system for admission

The dual verification system shall be implemented when entering the University. My ID card (officer's card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass, passport) is the only certificate for the public to accept examination and visit after appointment. During the opening period of cherry blossom, the public is only allowed to enter the school from the main gate, the affiliated middle school gate, the west gate, the tea port gate, the Wenlan gate or the east gate of the school, with the ID card (officer card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass, passport) after the first verification of the reservation information, and other entrances and exits are forbidden. The central area of the campus (including Kunpeng square, school history hall, Sakura Avenue, humanities hall, the area around the administrative building, and the playground of "912") is under closed management, and the public must enter the campus after the second verification of appointment information with ID card (officer card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass, passport).

Teachers and students of the university can enter and leave the campus with their own ID cards (including 'Wuhan University app' virtual campus card), work cards or student cards, non business establishment contract employees, secondary unit labor outsourcing personnel, self employed personnel of independent legal entity units in the University, self employed personnel of affiliated schools, etc. (except for closed school doors);

Alumni enter the school to enjoy the cherry blossom with their ID card after making an appointment through the real name of the 'Alumni Service Information System'; candidates, candidates who participate in the postgraduate reexamination or campus recruitment activities hold corresponding certificates to enter the school, but such personnel are not allowed to enter the central area of the campus without making an appointment; they come to the school to talk with the staff, attend the school's meetings, and train the students for work and study For those who enter the central area of the campus, their counterparts in the school shall collect relevant information and submit it to the party and government office of the school for approval and confirmation, and then enter the campus with their ID cards.


Temporary traffic control on campus

Temporary traffic control on campus. During the cherry blossom opening period, all social motor vehicles are forbidden to enter the campus. The social motor vehicles that come to the school to contact for business shall be checked and admitted by the corresponding units in the school after the cause, vehicle information, etc. are submitted to the security department for approval. Non school teachers and students are not allowed to use shared bicycles to enter the school, and all shared bicycles are not allowed to pass in the central area of the campus. The school authorizes the normal passage of motor vehicles (except for the school gate which is closed).

During the weekend, all motor vehicles are forbidden to enter the central area of the campus (some school gate closing schemes and traffic control schemes for key sections such as the central area will be issued separately by the school security department).


Provide necessary visiting services to the public

Provide necessary visiting services to the public. The school will arrange student volunteers to provide free guidance and consultation services; set up mobile toilets for free use by the public; set up temporary business points at designated locations to provide beverage and cultural goods sales services.

Without the approval of the campus management center, no organization, group or individual is allowed to set up a stall in the campus, post, hang and distribute flyers and advertisements, or engage in other profit-making activities. The school cooperates with the local public security and urban management departments to manage the violators according to law.


Jointly maintain the order of the campus

To jointly maintain the normal order of teaching, scientific research and office work. The school's teaching, scientific research, office buildings (halls, rooms, institutes) and student dormitories, etc. are not allowed to be visited by the public. Due to the limited resources, the staff and students' canteens do not provide public dining services.


Consciously guard against property loss

Consciously prevent property loss. Except for the network reservation channel designated by the school, our school has not entrusted any other institutions or individuals to provide reservation services. Please alert the public to any so-called profit-making activities in various forms, such as bus tour, no appointment, tour guide service, etc. similar businesses have nothing to do with our school.


Create new fashion together

We will work together to create a civilized, orderly and harmonious new style of visiting. While striving to provide open services to the society, Wuhan University hopes that the students will uphold social morality, abide by public order, take good care of facilities and public property, cherish landscape, flowers and trees, be courteous, talk and laugh, and gain a good experience of visiting.

WuHan University

March 14, 2018