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How did tongue get sore to do? What are some ways to make it better quickly?

Autumn is coming, the air is getting drier and drier, our body is easy to get on fire, once on fire, the mouth is easy to get sore. Tongue sore is very uncomfortable, which brings great inconvenience to life. No matter what you eat, whether it's hot, cold, sweet and sour, you will feel pain and doubt about life. Sometimes you don't even have an appetite, and don't want to say a word, just want to find a place for yourself and think about life quietly. So what should we do if we have tongue sores? Let's study together! Although you don't have a sore now, it will be useful in the future!

First of all, the first method is to use sesame oil, go to the supermarket or vegetable market to buy a bottle of pure sesame oil, prepare a cotton swab, then dip a little sesame oil with the cotton swab, and smear it on the sore place on the tongue, so that it can have the effect of anti-inflammatory and make the wound better faster. At the beginning, you may feel very painful. At this time, don't lick or shut up directly. Keep it for five minutes. After five minutes, you will find that the pain is much better.

The second method is to smear white sugar, take a small handful of white sugar from the kitchen, then put it in the mouth, pile the sugar on the tongue where there is a long sore, hold on for a while, so that it can also play the role of anti-inflammatory for the sore, and make the sore heal more quickly. If you think the above method is troublesome, you can also go to the drugstore directly and buy the medicine specially for the treatment of aphthous ulcer. Some of them spray, some paste, and the kind spray lasts for two or three days.

The third way is to drink more hot water, which is not just a saying. Although "drink more boiled water" has become a satire now, it makes sense to drink more boiled water. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to eating more heat clearing and detoxifying food to avoid getting angry.