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Tips on steaming steamed bread

Many of us like to eat a piece of steamed bread and a cup of soymilk for breakfast, which is full and delicious. However, sometimes we find that the steamed bread we buy outside is not authentic enough, and the taste is not satisfactory. In fact, we can learn to make steamed bread at home. Next, Xiaobian brings you a way to steam out soft steamed bread.

First, we need to prepare the ingredients, that is, yeast powder, flour and water, and then we can officially enter the process of homemade steamed bread. First, prepare a bowl of warm water at about 30 ℃, then add 3G yeast powder into it, and then let the yeast powder dissolve slowly in warm water.

After the yeast powder is completely boiled, we need to add four small bowls of flour, about 1kg. Then add some water and stir it into strips. Then, knead the strips of flour into dough by hand. In this process, we can add a small amount of water as needed, instead of adding too much water at one time and then mixing flour into it, which will affect the subsequent fermentation of dough.

After kneading the dough, we need to put it in a warm place and cover it with a cover to ensure that the dough is in a closed environment. This will prevent the dough from chapping due to weathering. Then, allow the dough to stand for 40 minutes and remove.

After the dough is taken out, we first spread a layer of flour on the chopping board, and then place the wake-up dough on it. At this point, we can start to roll the dough into strips. After kneading, press one end of the long dough with your left hand, and evenly pull out the fist sized dough with your right hand from the other end until it is completely decomposed.

After the dough is broken down, we will start to make steamed bread germ. The specific method is to press one hand on the dough, and the other hand starts to rotate clockwise from the center of the dough until it becomes a smooth hemispherical shape. At this time, the steamed bread embryo is ready, and then it is allowed to stand for 15 minutes.

Finally, we can start to prepare steamed bread. First add enough water to the pot, then put the curtain drawer in the pot, and spread a wet tablecloth on the curtain drawer, and then turn on the fire to boil the water in the pot. When the water is done, we can take out the steamed bread germ which has been standing for 15 minutes, put it in the pot one by one, cover it and steam it for 15 minutes. After it turns off, we can wait another 10 minutes or so before uncovering the pot, so that a pot of soft steamed bread will be steamed.