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Schedule of 2018 World Cup

Schedule of 2018 World Cup

Sihaiwang: the 2018 Russia world cup will start on June 14 next year, less than 200 days ago. What kind of football feast will we have in the summer of 2018? We will wait and see. On the evening of December 1, Beijing time, the results of the group drawing of the top 32 of the 2018 Russia world cup were announced in Moscow. At present, FIFA has announced the schedule of 2018 Russia world cup. Let's have a look at it first.

The 2018 Russia world cup will start on June 14 next year. The first match will be arranged at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, and the host team Russia will make an appearance. The most noticeable final match will start at 23:00 Beijing time. I believe that such a time point is quite 'friendly' for Chinese fans.

Because the time difference between China and Russia is 5 hours, the biggest difference between the Russian World Cup and the last Brazil is that the kick-off time is earlier. Basically, Chinese fans can watch most of the games without staying up one night. In the prime time of 18:00 and 20:00 Beijing time, there will be group match, opening match and final final of the important play, and the kick-off time will be 23:00 Beijing time. What's most gratifying is that during the whole world cup, there was no kick-off at 4-5 a.m. Beijing time at all.

Judging from the schedule of the group stage, there is only one match on the opening day, four on the third match day (June 16, Beijing time), and three on the rest. After the group game, there will be a day off. There are two games a day in the quarter finals (the last 16). After this stage, there will be another two days off. From the quarter finals, it's still two games a day. After the quarter match, there will be a two-day truce, and the next two semi-finals will be held one day in Moscow and St. Petersburg respectively. After two days of truce, there will be three or four competitions on July 14, and the final final will be held on July 15.

From the time of the game, the time of the group match is complicated. The earliest match will start at 18 p.m., the latest match will start at 3 a.m., and the semi-final will be held at 2 a.m.

Kick off time of 2018 Russia world cup (Beijing time):

Opening battle: 23:00

June 16: 18:00, 21:00, 0:00, 3:00

There are three competition days in the group match: 20:00, 23:00, 2:00

Group final round, 1 / 8 final, 1 / 4 final: 22:00, 2:00

Semi final: 2:00

Three or four finals: 22:00

Final: 23:00

(the following is the schedule of 2018 World Cup Beijing time based on the announced match time and the time difference between China and Russia. It may be adjusted later. The actual match time shall prevail.)

The top 32 teams in this world cup will fight in 11 cities in Russia

The tournament will be held in 12 stadiums in 11 cities in the Russian Federation from June 14 to July 15, 2018. This is the first time that the world cup has been held in Eastern European countries and also the first time that the world cup has come to Russia.

The 11 Russian cities hosting the world cup are:

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Sochi, Rostov, Yekaterinburg, Samara, salansk.