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What is the ending of Su Yuning? Is Su Yuning dead

What is the ending of Su Yuning? Is Su Yuning dead? the well-known conscience drama "the story of the sea herding clouds in Kyushu" has finally started broadcasting. Although it is adapted from the novel, it does not hinder the original writers from pursuing the drama. Su Yuning's ending, which has the Queen's star life, is also highly concerned. What's the ending of Su Yuning in the TV play? Let's have a look at it together!

Su Yuning is the daughter of Su Chengzhang, a Yuezhou eunuch. She was born beautiful and refined. Even when she was sad and sad, she was very touching.

Her father in order to be able to get more glory and wealth, so when she was young, she asked people to teach her all kinds of aristocratic etiquette. Because she was willing to study hard, and also she was talented, so she had become a dragon and Phoenix in her young age.

And the most important thing is that Su Yuning has the life style of the queen, while muyunsheng is the sixth Prince of Daduan Dynasty, and later he became the emperor, so Su Yuning who has the life style of the queen naturally becomes the queen.

Muyunsheng doesn't love her own queen, and Su Yuning doesn't love muyunsheng either. They can be said to use, like, but not love.

Su Yuning's ending

He is standing in the center of the glory of the Empire, the Taihua hall, but as lonely as standing on the snow mountain of Shangzhou.

Mu Ruhan river slowly turns around and sees the shadow standing alone at the gate of the main hall.

He walked down the jade steps before the throne, came to her and held her hand gently.

'I don't have family anymore, only you, willing to accompany me. '

Su Yu stares into his eyes: 'in those days, you promised that I would not be wronged if you were in. '

'yes, I promised, but now the general is in tears. God took everything away from him. There was only a young and frivolous oath left in his family, home, but it was rare for someone to help him remember, every day, every time. No matter how far he went, the man will not forget his name. He could destroy everything for revenge, but this man never doubted what he said.

'Su Yuning,' he gently hugged her, 'be my queen. '

Su Yu lies in his arms, holding his lapel tightly. But she shook her head gently.

'at that time, Ji Qinggang, the governor of Shuozi, forced me to marry emperor faweiping. In order to refuse to marry, I made an oath that only when someone got three kinds of treasures, Longyuan sword, hexueling and muyunzhu, could I marry them, otherwise & hellip; & hellip; would die under heartbroken grass. '

'heartbreaking grass?' Muru said bitterly, 'Why are you so stupid & hellip; & hellip;'

Some people gave advice on how to find the three treasures for mu Ruhan River, and said that only seven years, in order to find the three treasures, mu Ruhan River's war horses went around.

The ending of the original novel is an open ending, which does not explain whether the three treasures have been found. But according to the star's order, muruhanjiang has become the emperor, and Su Yuning will certainly become the queen.

Although the outcome is very sad, but the outcome is determined, some things are difficult to recover.

It's hard to know that the world has the best of both worlds. Even though Su Yuning and mu Ruhan River have deep feelings, they can't be together all the time. Perhaps the best result is that the spirit returning poison wine passes through the intestine and dies in Mu Ruhan River's arms.