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Love on Valentine's Day

What else do you prepare for online Valentine's day besides roses? For the more critical girls, in addition to chocolate and roses, honeyed words are also a powerful medicine. Therefore, the four seas net small knitting will summarize the Valentine's Day expression blessing language for you. For the dumb boys, please learn from it!

I really hope that the path has no end, so hand in hand has been going on, let's walk together after every Valentine's day of life, I wish a happy holiday!

True love is bound to breed suffering. Only in suffering can great joy be found. You are my only one. Happy Valentine's Day online!

Every day, I remember the happiness with you in my head. The longer the love is, the stronger it is. This thick love makes me intoxicated again and again. Dear, thank you for making me have such a wonderful memory in my life. Happy Valentine's day.

The same world! The same day holiday! When Valentine's day comes, I wish you happiness. There is a festival in the festival! There is great feeling in happiness and happiness in warmth. Wish you a beautiful and romantic life!

Suddenly miss you very much. It's just a moment when I think of you. In this emotional year, I just said, I like you. I miss you now.

Sincere, and you know each other, between the spirit, with you day and night. Happy Valentine's Day online!

People will always be old, I hope you will still be by my side, Happy Valentine's Day online.

No matter the ends of the earth, as long as you need me, I will fly back to you. Online Valentine's day, let me be happy with you.

In this special Valentine's day, I will wear my vow on your fingers all my life. Even though my life is light and smooth, I will always stay up for you. Happy Valentine's Day online!

Think about the joy of watching sunrise and sunset with me. Happy online Valentine's day.

I am willing to wait for you with ten million years to smile like the warm sun in early spring.

The most romantic story has no ending, the happiest love has no words, only the fit of each other's hearts. My love, everything is silent! I want to wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

Dear husband remembers: if the husband doesn't send flowers to his wife on Valentine's day, the wife will put a green vegetable in the vase at home.

In this affectionate season, I really want to send you a bunch of blooming roses and countless blessings! I hope that the fragrance of the rose can faint send out the soft care and yearning for you, Happy Valentine's Day online!

I sing a song, the song has lonely, lonely about you, the plot of heart knows, romantic Valentine's day, warm sweet honey, can you hold the hand, accompany to the white head.

Love is heavy, I'd like to hold her steady with you! I love your wife. Happy Valentine's Day online.

Love you for 10000 years, exaggeration; love you for 5000 years, hopelessness; love you for 1000 years, absurd; love you for 100 years, too long; love you for 70 years in succession, as long as I am healthy, this is my strength!

My Valentine's day, there is no lover, only my wife, she is my favorite, today is, tomorrow is, until I die, my heart is only her! Really love you!

I hope that one day, I can open my heart to read the sprite version of the declaration of love to the whole world. I firmly believe that it will also be a moving story that will touch the ages!

How long is the night, how long is the tears, how long is the tears, how long is the love, how long is it? We have been following you for a century without any obstacles. We are sailing in the ocean of fate!

I don't love you. I lie to you. I'm against my will. I really don't want to lie. But I just don't love you. I just want to lie to you. I can't let you guess my heart