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How old is the best age of myopia operation?

is the laser surgery for myopia really safe? Maybe you wear glasses for many years, and always feel that glasses are very troublesome and cumbersome, and you want to remove them, but you are worried about the safety of myopia surgery: can you do laser correction surgery? Is there any adverse effect of surgery? Will it rebound after surgery? Next, please ask the hospital experts to tell you about the safety of myopia surgery.

Experts said that the myopia surgery should meet five conditions: 1. The demand should be reasonable: if you want to remove the glasses, or because of the needs of life, work, and eye conditions, it is not suitable to wear glasses. 2. Age limit: the best age is between 18-55 years old. 3. The diopter should be stable: the diopter should be stable for more than 2 years (no more than 50 degrees per year). 4. Good health. 5. Inspection must be done: if these basic requirements are met, further detailed inspection shall be done, including diopter, corneal thickness, corneal shape, pupil size, intraocular pressure, fundus, etc. doctors will judge whether it is suitable for operation and which operation mode is suitable according to the inspection results.

What are laser operations?

Experts from aiyan hospital said that laser correction surgery has experienced technological progress from knife use to no knife, bringing safe and comfortable experience to the patients undergoing surgery. Laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is a common method of operation. It can also correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other situations, and achieve the desire to remove the mirror. At present, the most popular is the femtosecond laser myopia surgery. Femtosecond laser is the most advanced surgical treatment method at present, which is fast, short and only takes 6 seconds to treat myopia. Femtosecond makes the safety and treatment effect of surgery further improved. Special people have a new choice: for the special people such as ultra-high myopia (above 1200 degrees), hyperopia, irregular astigmatism, nystagmus, etc A new option for removing glasses. Each person's physical condition is different, whether they can perform the operation and what kind of operation they are suitable for must pass the professional evaluation of the doctor.

Go to a professional organization to ensure safety

Laser correction of myopia has been born for more than 20 years, and tens of millions of patients have regained good vision. With the progress of technology, the current operation is fast and accurate, less trauma, and more safe and comfortable. Complications, such as corneal dilation and corneal infection, may occur after operation, but the incidence is very low. The complications can be avoided by strict screening before operation, adopting appropriate operation plan, paying attention to the standard operation during operation and postoperative care, plus the cooperation of patients. Compared with the serious complications with low incidence, what really needs to be treated correctly is some small adverse reactions, such as dry eyes, decreased vision at night, seeing glare or halo, etc. most people will gradually adapt and recover after a period of time. It is suggested that we should do laser surgery in regular and professional medical institutions to ensure safety.

Will the effect rebound after operation?

The so-called rebound is really possible. In medicine, this rebound phenomenon is called retrogression. But don't worry too much. With the development of medical technology, retrogression is preventable and controllable. If the laser cuts the cornea, the cornea will proliferate. If the cut surface proliferates evenly, it will not change the degree. If the proliferation in the center is more than that in the periphery, there will be a slight regression, which is called rebound. The possibility and degree of retrogression are related to the degree of myopia. In general, there is no retrogression in middle and low degree myopia. Although there is a great possibility of retrogression in high myopia, it can also be controlled at about 5% of the original degree. For many years after surgery, vision decline is often not due to rebound, but myopia is still deepening or other reasons, which need to go to the hospital for eye examination.

Although the operation can make you see more clearly, experts from eye hospital suggest that you should develop good eye habits and have regular physical examination.