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What's more cost-effective to buy on 2017's double 11

What's more cost-effective to buy on 2017's double 11 this year, the double 11 Shopping Festival is coming as scheduled, and the publicity of the double 11 Shopping Festival is also overwhelming. In this case, even if you don't plan to buy something, such an atmosphere also makes people have the impulse to buy. So for the shopping festival like Taobao tmall who really wants to buy something, how can it be more cost-effective? What is the most reliable thing to buy? Here's a summary of some things that are suitable for the double 11 Shopping Festival 11. Share the experience of hoarding.

Buy clothes on November 11, 2017

According to the summary of friends circle, the situation of cutting hands in the clothing category on the double 11 is: the products with the most cutting hands regret the most goods and the products with the most returns. Although the first thought of the double 11 is to buy clothes, in fact, the clothes category on the double 11 is also the best. Why? Because the clothes bought on the double 11 are actually the store's inventory. The weather in November belongs to the early winter. What you need to buy is actually winter clothes. But at this time, the store's winter clothes are basically in the state of new clothes on the market. It's basically impossible to make a low price with the new ones.

At most, the new models can be discounted by 8 or 9% and some coupons can be collected. Some businesses will directly take the new models off the shelves and then sell all the inventory, so the whole store is very cheap.

Besides clothes, there are also shoes and boots. Shoes and shoes are the same as clothes, but shoes are not as impatient as clothes after the season. The good-looking and classic last year's models are worth searching for, especially those that can store some big brands or are reluctant to start at ordinary times. For example, ugg boots [picture] Jiuxi's high-heeled shoes, special counter 1500-2000, double 11 flagship store two pairs within 1000 yuan

Cosmetics on the 11th of 2017

The most worthy of storing up - mask all year round is indispensable mask, useful Taobao brand despite the hoarding. But remind you that if you want to buy some brands of Korean mask, you can really consider the experience of 5 years of hoarding mask, recommend one or two Japanese 100+, and the special price is more than 100+ soft girl, which is more than 10 yuan and one hundred yuan, and can be more than two or three boxes. It has the characteristics of juicy moisturizing the German VIKKI collagen protein mask, the price of the counter is more than 200 soft girl, and the double ten one hundred yuan can store 1 or 2 boxes.

Eye shadow recommends hoarding 1 or 2 boxes, because Eyeshadow is too used, a box of tricolor can be used for one or two years, and usually there are so many good colors. Even if you store a paintpan on a cheap basis, you can't waste money without wasting money. Recommended eye shadow --naked12 color eye shadow plate.

Buy nutrition and health products on the 11th day of 2017

The experience of Xiaobian is that health care category can be divided into two categories to choose. The first is to buy for yourself, the second is to buy to hoard relatives and give gifts Modern people live under great pressure and work so hard, especially the office workers. If they are busy and stay up a little longer, their immunity will obviously decline. It's said that when you are young, you need to exchange health for money. You still need to take good care of your health. You need to pay attention to supplements German Vikki collagen has many effects on repairing skin. It used to take a week or two for my aunt's pox to get better. After drinking it for a few days, it will be smooth, tender, elastic and hydrated.

If you have a relatively abundant budget, you can stock up the nutrition of relatives during the new year's Eve.

According to e-commerce friends, double eleven is basically the cheapest time for businesses, there is no other time. I have compared myself in the double eleven of these two years, and it is true Store some health and nutrition products can be sent to elders, aunts and aunts, or directly help parents to store them.

2017 double 11 buyer supplies

Toilet paper must store girl aunt towel must store shampoo bath milk body milk does not housekeeper have one or two sets of other miscellaneous necessities can start.

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